Questionable New NFL Rule

September 20, 2019 The State Times 0

Wyatt Cushman,Sports Editor

There are plenty of reasons the Saints lost the game besides the missed call late in the fourth quarter. Their defense allowed the Rams to kick …


Horoscopes 9/13/19 – 9/20/19

September 13, 2019 The State Times 0

Angelina Beltrani

Aries – Healing isn’t a linear path, Aries. Allow yourself to mourn an ending. Closure isn’t something that happens overnight. But it is on its way. You might …


The “Gay-Gene” Theory

September 13, 2019 The State Times 0

Erin Spicer, Staff Writer

This past week, several national papers released articles that claimed to have more information on the so called “gay gene.” Newspapers such as The Washington Post …


Oneonta vs. Hartwick Field Hockey

September 13, 2019 The State Times 0

Erin Spicer | Staffwriter

The Oneonta women’s field hockey team squared off against Hartwick last Wednesday for their third game of the season. Hartwick and Oneonta have been battling to …


Hurricane Dorian

September 13, 2019 The State Times 0


Jessica Kennedy, Staff Writer |Hurricane Dorian, a massive catastrophic disaster has wreaked havoc along the Caribbean Islands and the South Eastern portion of the North American coast for …


NFL Week 1

September 13, 2019 The State Times 0

Colin Maruscsak | Staffwriter

The NFL’s 100th season kicked off last week with the Green Bay Packers facing off against the Chicago Bears. Green Bay managed to beat the …