Yoga Classes at SUNY Oneonta

February 17, 2024 The State Times 0

Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

This past week, yoga classes were brought back to SUNY Oneonta. There are two sessions one could go to. There’s a session at seven a.m on …

Campus News

Campus Power Outage

November 3, 2023 The State Times 0

Mary Bidonde, Staff Writer

On Monday, Oct. 30, around five in the morning the campus was plunged into darkness. Many students woke up to see the power was out and …

Campus News

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Timothy Newton

November 3, 2023 The State Times 1

Lara Murray-Sterzel, Editor-In-Chief

Oneonta says goodbye to another member of our community. Dr. Timothy Newton, a beloved music professor and conductor, tragically died last week. Dr. Newton worked at Oneonta …


LinkedIn + Handshake Workshop

May 5, 2023 The State Times 0

Lara Murray-Sterzel, Staff Writer |

As the semester ends, students will be looking for a job. But it’s not easy in job searching, which is why the Career Development Center …

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OH-Fest Street Fair

May 5, 2023 The State Times 0

Christopher Milazzo, Staff Writer |

On Saturday, April 29th, the town of Oneonta came together to celebrate the OH-Fest fair. Crowds of people covered Main Street where different activities took …