Horoscopes 9/13/19 – 9/20/19

Angelina Beltrani

Aries – Healing isn’t a linear path, Aries. Allow yourself to mourn an ending. Closure isn’t something that happens overnight. But it is on its way. You might not even notice the new opportunity standing right in front of you and that’s okay; the present is about laying the past to rest. The future will wait.

Taurus – Don’t sell yourself short, Taurus. One of your best qualities is your dedication, but sometimes it can be taken for granted. Regardless of how stubborn you are, life pushes back against your wishes sometimes. Don’t forget life is not a list of boxes to check off, and comfort isn’t the only redeeming quality in a partnership. Sometimes losses are blessings in disguise.

Gemini – This coming week is going to be a good one for you, Gemini! You’ll come out on top of a situation that you’ve been struggling with, leaving you feeling more secure in your abilities. Even more good luck is coming your way taking its form in you finding something, be it something you’ve been looking for or something you didn’t even expect.

Cancer – It may be a stereotype, but there is some truth behind Cancers being emotional. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something to consider when communicating with signs that are less emotional. Miscommunication may be on the horizon. Others may not be as comfortable sharing their emotions as openly or as often. This does not diminish their feelings – they simply express themselves differently.

Leo – A creative idea is about to strike, Leo. It will be solid in substance, but you may find it difficult to muster up motivation to see your creativity through into a finished product. Be mindful of this during the upcoming week and try to stay focused. The reward will be worth it; there’s nothing like knowing a physical, real world creation originated from a simple idea in your head.

Virgo – It’s Virgo season! But you may not be feeling the excitement you should; everything may seem a little lackluster. This is only because your analytical side is working overtime lately. Try your best to take walks outside of your head every now and then, and you’ll feel like the best version of yourself by the end of your season!

Libra – Libra’s thrive in partnerships – friendships and romance alike. This hasn’t changed, but all the energy you put into these partnerships may be taking away from your own identity. That’s not to say these partnerships are bad. These relationships are a key part of who you are, but it would be a good idea to spend some time learning to be comfortable alone and even enjoying your own company this upcoming week.

Scorpio – One of your best qualities is your ability to focus, but watch out, Scorpio. You may be feeling territorial about a person you know or a position you hold, and this could stem from your impeccable focus turning into obsession. You are loyal and passionate – don’t let it turn you green.

Sagittarius – You may be faced with a challenge that seems particularly daunting and impossible to solve. But really all it takes is some serious planning and organization which may not always come easy to you as distractions easily captivate your attention. But if you focus your energy, the challenge is nothing beyond your capabilities, Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Normally, you are the person everyone tends to lean on because of your reliable nature, Capricorn, but it is okay to have off days. There may be some ahead, and you are entitled to them. Sometimes chaos gets the best of us, and we cannot always perform to the standards of another’s perception of who we are. There’s nothing to feel guilty about; you’re only human.

Aquarius – Naturally, you have always been sure of yourself and where you want to be, Aquarius. Life may be throwing you a curve ball right now, and the initial shock may be washing over you now. You might be questioning yourself which is likely unusual, but, it’s nothing to worry about. You also have a very adaptable nature. Conditions might be different from what you imagined but just focus on your goals and you’ll find a way to achieve them.

Pisces – You take pride in being a free spirit and taking the days as they come from one to the next. This way of life may be challenged soon, Pisces. You may be forced to build some structure, but it will turn into a valuable learning experience. It will be a little unnatural at first, but eventually will lead to positive results.

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