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Fall TV Preview: Doctor Who

September 17, 2012 Kate Koenig 0

Adrian Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

   With the fall TV season just around the corner, this year’s crop of comedies, procedurals and dramas might just have some unexpected competition. The longest-running science …

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Issue 2 - Sept. 12

Dine Right in the Dining Halls

September 13, 2012 Kate Koenig 0

Alyssa Simon, Columnist

   Being at school and away from home provides college students with a feeling of independence and responsibility. For many students who are new to SUNY Oneonta this …


This Summer I Got My Wings

September 13, 2012 Kate Koenig 0

Dr. Damayanthie Eluwawalage, Columnist

   This summer I got my wings. Inspired all my life by aviation and space, for so long it seemed like an impossible dream. Lately, I’ve been …

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Issue 2 - Sept. 12

Look to UPD for Help

September 13, 2012 Kate Koenig 0

T-Sgt. Nate Leonard, Columnist

   Last week I gave you a brief overview of our department and how one becomes a member of our department. This week I thought I would …

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Know Thy Neighbor

September 13, 2012 Kate Koenig 0

Lacey Yakel, Copy Editor

   Hey readers,

   I’d like to share with you all some of the benefits I have experienced from getting to know my neighbors. Being that I’m a …


Spinach “Burger” in a Jiffy

September 11, 2012 Kate Koenig 0

Brooke Edwards, Staff Writer

   Estimated Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 4

   After a full day of classes the drudgery of making dinner may seem tedious and exhausting. Spinach “burgers” are delicious …