Know Thy Neighbor

Lacey Yakel, Copy Editor

   Hey readers,

   I’d like to share with you all some of the benefits I have experienced from getting to know my neighbors. Being that I’m a senior and have attended two colleges, I have encountered a plethora of neighbors; some enjoyable, others not quite so much. With that said, here are ten reasons why I have found delight in being well-acquainted with those who surround me at college:

   Reason #1: I always have someone to hang out with if my roommates aren’t present. Whether I want to watch a movie or play some video games, it’s nice to know that I can go down or across the hall to do so.

   Reason #2: There is someone to bother at all times when I’m bored. If I’m not in the mood to do my homework, then one of my neighbors gets the honor of entertaining me for a little while and vice versa.

   Reason #3: If my schedule doesn’t match up with that of my roommates or they’re all busy, it’s reassuring knowing that I have some neighbors that will go with me to grab a bite of food whenever I need them to.

   Reason #4: Getting to know the people on my floor means more people I can go out with on the weekends. The more the merrier! Sometimes, this has also proven to be a great way of seeing a different side of them that I do not see on a daily basis.

   Reason #5: Having neighbors who wear the same size clothing and shoes as me is a massive advantage. Closet sharing has become the norm.

   Reason #6: When dealing with a crisis or simply stressed out, I find comfort in knowing that I can approach my neighbors with my situation and, without hesitation, they will give me some advice or tips to help me find my equilibrium once again.

   Reason #7: Getting assistance with homework issues is immensely beneficial as my neighbors are always willing to volunteer their intelligence. Two or more brains work better than one.

   Reason #8: I always have someone to drag along with me when I want to go somewhere such as the gym, events occurring on campus or if I want some Starbucks at Hunt Union.

   Reason #9: If you are still carless, as I am, nine times out of ten one of your neighbors possesses a car. So, if you get to know them, I’m sure they’ll have no problem with you tagging along when going somewhere, like mine. That bus can be a lengthy, monotonous ride.

   Reason #10: Finally, the relationships I have formed with the people who surround my living quarters has been the greatest benefit of all. They’ve become more than just neighbors; I have acquired several new friends, all of whom I adore.

   So, I hope as you read this you thought to yourself ‘Wow. That sounds a lot like the relationship I had or share with my neighbors.’ If not, I highly suggest putting more effort into getting to know the people living next to you because it could prove to be as beneficial and enjoyable to you as it has been for me.

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