Princess Catherine Reveals Cancer Diagnosis


Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

Last month, Catherine, Princess of Wales, released a video statement that she has been diagnosed with cancer. It hasn’t been released to the public what type of cancer she’s been diagnosed with, but it’s well known that the Princess of Wales had to go through a major abdominal surgery in January. At the time, her doctors told her her condition was non-cancerous. The surgery was fine, successful even. But when she was undergoing tests after the operation, the tests found that cancer was present. 

As soon as her medical team learned of her cancer, the Princess of Wales was advised to start chemotherapy immediately. As Princess Catherine was giving her statement it seemed as though she was choked up about the news. This statement also marks one of the rare occasions in years that the royal family has gone public about their personal life. One can only imagine how hard this has been for her and her family. The Princess of Wales asks for privacy in this delicate time and will have to step back from royal duties until she makes a full recovery. Princess Catherine also took the time to thank those who have shown support and love through this time.  

After Princess Catherine’s surgery, the royal family went quiet. In the months that followed, millions of unhinged rumors spread about her before she came out with her statement. Rumors as far as speculating the Princess of Wales to be having an affair, getting plastic surgery, or even in a coma. When the time came for The Princess of Wales to come forward, she stated the reason for her health being kept private for so long was to protect and secure the privacy of her children. As well as to manage and process the news in their own time.

One of the many reasons why the royal family keep a strict private life is even if they do publicly address delicate topics, they can still fall victim to speculations and rumors. The safest way to secure their image is to keep to themselves, and if the matter of the subject relates to their country, they’ll address.   

Princess Catherine stated that it has taken her time to recover from surgery, to start the treatment, and appropriately explain to her children what’s happening.“We hope that you will understand that as a family, we now need some time, space, and privacy while I complete my treatment,” Princess Catherine said at near the end of her statement. 

The reactions to Princess Ctaherine’s news were almost immediate. One of the responses was from Buckingham Palace from the King himself.“So proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did, ” the King had publicly addressed. President Biden even responded by saying, “Jill and I join millions around the world in praying for your full recovery, Princess Kate.” 

Princess Catherine has been facing this struggle with the disease for a few months now. In her ending, The Princess of Wales encourages anyone facing cancer diagnosis to not lose hope like she hasn’t. That despite this disease being life changing, you’re not alone. All in all, we all hope you have a fast and full recovery, Princess Kate!

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