Kacey Musgraves “Deeper Well” Album Review

Kelly Christine Sutton

Lex Valluzzi, Staff Writer

Country singer Kacey Musgraves released her sixth studio album titled “Deeper Wells” on March 15th, 2024.

The album is slightly different than what she has previously released, with this album leaning out of the country scene and into the folk and indie genre. The fourteen tracks on the album feature light guitar, piano, and effects on her voice to create an echoey sound.

“Deeper Well” is a post-divorce album that talks about how Musgraves is learning to find her happiness elsewhere. She discusses her past experiences with friends and how she does not regret any of those moments but is putting herself and her happiness first. She uses the term “deeper well” as a metaphor for finding a better source of joy. She also covers themes such as growing older, kicking old habits, forming your own beliefs and opinions as well as acceptance of those darker times in your life.
Musgraves states “It’s a collection of songs I hold very dear to my heart. I hope it makes a home in all of your hearts, too.” About her inspiration behind the title of the album, she says “Usually, most of the time [my songs] start as a title but I think that one just came from just conversation. The lines kept stumbling out and when we wrote it that day, it was really special to me… I just think it sums up where I’m at.”

“Giver/Taker”, track number five on the album is about Musgraves addressing her and her partner’s relationship dynamic. She voices her struggle about giving all of herself in a relationship, but not getting anything in return, and for the relationship to work, they need to be putting in equal amounts of effort. The song features airy vocals, and acoustic guitar. Musgraves projects a lot of emotion in her voice through well-worded high notes.

Track number 9 “The Architect” touches upon divinity, nature, and science all while asking questions about life to someone referred to as “the architect.” The song goes through an existential crisis that Musgraves has concerning her personal beliefs. The melody is graceful, and the lyrics build up to a strong chorus. The song is listed as a fan favorite.

Musgraves is set to go on a world tour for the album starting at the end of April in Dublin Ireland and the tour will continue through the year into mid-December, wrapping up in Nashville, Tennessee. If your music taste touches upon light and airy folk music with a bit of country influence, this may be the album for you.

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