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By Riley Peru, Staff Writer

Sundays: One of the saddest days of the week knowing that the next day will be Monday, and you must go back to classes. Typically used for recovery from weekend festivities and rest before beginning the week. For some people, however, Sundays can be the most boring and empty days. Sometimes simple things can make a day more exciting. Here is a collective list of activities you can do with your friends without leaving the comfort of your dorm.

PowerPoint Night: Grab a couple of friends, pick a topic, and create a PowerPoint presentation about it. Topics can range from serious conversation to “who would survive the zombie apocalypse.” These presentations are hilarious and are always fun to create with friends. These can be presented on a computer or streamed on a television. Either way, these presentations are equally fun to create as well as show off in front of your friends.

Game Night: Whether you play a board game, or make up your own, nothing beats a classic game night. Host a tournament or just a laid-back night of board and card games. You could even go as far as creating your own game. Make the board, create some rules, and make a game specific to you and your friends. Change the rules of a classic game and make it your own. You do not need a group to do this, you can just grab a friend or your roommate and get to playing.

Trivia Game Show: Create a series of Kahoot games about each other and have a competition on who gets the most questions right. The games can be as difficult or as easy as you decide. Include your own pictures and inside jokes to really make the games unique to you and whoever you decide to play with. Have everyone dress up as their favorite game show host and get really into character while playing the games.

Movie Marathon: So simple yet so effective. Pick a film series and watch it from start to finish. Grab some snacks and tissues (depending on what you watch) and enjoy each other’s company. You can do this alone or with a group of friends. You can even host your own watch party and have friends from other buildings or other parts of the country watch along with you. Once the movie is over, you can talk about it and discuss what movie to watch next.

Doodle: A simple activity to do that’s cheap and easy is grabbing a pencil and paper and doodling some cartoons. You can draw your friends, whatever is in the room, or even just play tic tac toe. I know with my friends; we get a huge kick out of trying to draw each other in silly poses or with random faces. You can even decorate the room with them afterward and rank them from most to least accurate. To elevate it, color them in with markers or whatever you have available.

There are plenty more things you could potentially do with your evening, but these are a couple of ideas to get you started. Sundays can often be a calm day to relax and do nothing, but the next time you feel bored, give one of these ideas a shot.

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