The Marvels Movie Review


Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

On Nov. 9th, 2023, The Marvels was released to theaters. The movie centers around Captain Marvel and two new heroes. If you haven’t seen the film or its predecessor, this is your spoiler warning. 

If you’ve seen Captain Marvel then you should remember Monica who went by the nickname Lieutenant Trouble. Monica and a sixteen-year-old girl, Kamala Kha, both have powers similar to Carol/Captain Marvel’s. They discover after the villain of the film, Dar-Benn, opens various jump points that every time they use their powers they switch places. Kamala, whose hero name is Ms. Marvel, has a Bengal that Dar-Benn is after as she has the other half. Monica, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel fight to stop Dar-Benn and get the other bangle from her. Eventually, they succeed but a tear in space is opened and Monica gets trapped on the other side of it while closing it. 

The movie itself was really good. The film had a perfect mix of hilarity and seriousness as well as fighting. There were not one but two fight montages with some pretty interesting music to go along with them. It was entertaining but also heart-wrenching in some scenes, then again when does Marvel release a movie that doesn’t make people shed a few tears? One of my favorite parts was watching the three Marvels get a hang of switching places when they use their powers. The way they did it was simple but effective. They used double dutch and catching ball-shaped objects to get used to switching. 

It was one of my favorite parts because you can see how honing the skill of switching places ended up helping them in the end. Each hero had their own unique power and switching places helped them maintain the element of surprise over Dar-Benn and the Cree soldiers she brought with her. After the first battle with Dar-Benn, the heroes knew what she was going to do and she couldn’t surprise them anymore. 

Another pivotal part of the movie was Monica and Carol working through the problems they had. Monica was upset and angry that Carol left saying she’d be back only to not go back. Monica was blipped when Thanos snapped and when she came back Carol still wasn’t there and her mom was dead. They had to work through those issues to trust each other if they were going to beat Dar-Benn and make sure Ms. Marvel made it home safely. After Monica aired out why she was angry with Carol, Carol told her that she didn’t return because she felt guilty about what happened to the Cree people and couldn’t face Monica who idolized her. 

Arguably what I think to be the most chaotic part happens towards the end. We all should remember Goose, the cat with tentacles that would spew out of his mouth to eat people and objects. Well, towards the end of the film Fury’s space station is in danger but 300 people couldn’t fit in the escape pods. You may be wondering what they did to get everyone off the station. They had eggs that hatched a bunch of kittens that were exactly like Goose. The kittens ate the people on that station to then spit them out once they reached safety. It was rather chaotic with soft music over it. The combination of cats eating people and somber music made it a chaotic and funny scene. Obviously, Nick Fury is in the film bringing the humor and sarcastic comments in the film with him. 

Overall, in my opinion, the film is worth watching. It has everything you’d expect from Marvel and then some. However, you need to watch Captain Marvel first. To understand why Dar-Benn is stealing resources from other planets you have to see the first movie. They briefly talk about it but there’s not a lot of detail. Go watch the film and decide for yourself if you think it’s worth the watch.

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