Gunfire In Oneonta: How to Stay Safe While Going Out

SUNY Oneonta

Kyle Smith, Sports Editor

On Saturday night, Oct. 28, there were shots fired around the area of Spruce Street and Myrtle Avenue. Police were called to the scene and investigated what had happened. There’s currently an ongoing investigation for the person responsible. To a small college community it raises concerns about safety. It also serves as a reminder to students that it’s extremely important that while we are out at night to remain cautious. Oneonta is known for its nightlife, having this shooting happen serves as a good time to keep students informed on how we can protect ourselves. There are many ways to keep yourself out of harm’s way while still going out at night. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your safety and the safety of others. 

One way in which you can prevent yourself from being put in any danger is the easiest and best opinion: travel in groups. Being alone at night can be dangerous and makes it easier to attack. If you’re in a group with friends, it makes it hard for anyone to attack when it’s one against many. It’s better to have someone to accompany you at night. Walking with friends can also provide a better sight in your surroundings. 

Another way to keep safe while you’re going out is to carry pepper spray. If you’re attacked, the advantages of you running away can be slim. That’s why it’s good to carry pepper spray to disarm any potential threats. Carrying something to defend yourself on a night out is a good decision because if someone approaches you, the defense attack is simple. Spray then run. The disarmed attacker won’t be able to recover in time and you’ll be able to get away. 

You should also be cautious of not consuming too much alcohol and putting yourself in dangerous situations. While it’s good to go out and have fun, it’s extremely important to make sure you don’t get too drunk. It’s very easy to lose track of how much you’re drinking. This will impair your judgment as well as make you an easier target for a potential attacker. If your judgment becomes impaired, you will most likely stumble down the wrong street. Best advice is to keep counts of your drinks and slow down when you’ve had one too many. 

It can be very alarming to hear that somebody was shooting a gun in our community. Despite it being over now, it’s important that we all recognize that there are dangerous situations that we could encounter. We need to be aware of our surroundings and be prepared if we do find ourselves in any of these situations, we can defend ourselves and others with us. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t stop our nightly activities but be sure while you’re out to stay safe.

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