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Mary Bidonde, Staff Writer

On Friday night, Oct. 27, in Hunt Square Dragon Guides hosted a Family Feud event for students. Despite not many people showing, the event was still a lot of fun and worth going to. The players were divided into teams. One team was called TayTay, in reference to Taylor Swift,  and the other team was called the Carters, in reference to Beyoncé.  

For those who have never heard of “Family Feud” before the game works like this, two families are split into teams to compete against each other and must rely on the knowledge of their teammates to win. The game was inspired by the TV show hosted by Steve Harvey on ABC. In the show, Harvey calls on one member of each family by name to come and stand on either side of a podium with buzzers. Whoever buzzes in first and gets the answer correct determines which family gets to keep playing the round. If the answer isn’t correct and doesn’t show on the board, the player gets a strike. If a family strikes out and answers are left unanswered, the opposing team can steal them for the win. 

Each family has three strikes to correctly guess the answers on the board. The family who gets three hundred points or more first gets to participate in Fast Money. In this stage of the game, Fast Money involves two players having to get two hundred points or more to win the grand prize. The players get twenty to twenty five seconds to answer all of the questions. However, the players have to have different answers for the same questions. If the opposing team gives an answer and it’s not on the board, then the other family team wins the points. But if the opposing family’s answer is on the board then they receive the points. 

Once you’re familiar with the rules the game can be quite fun. The Dragon Guides put a lot of work into making it into a game show. One of the most memorable moments of the games were the answers to the question: “What’s an excuse a student might give for not doing their homework?” Obviously the classic excuse is the one about your dog eating it. But on the board, other answers revealed forgetting to do it or not knowing there was homework at all. It brought some humor to a tense and impetus game. Both teams were very competitive and gave good answers. After an hour of fierce play it came time to tally the points and reveal the winner of the game.

The Carters were the lucky winners of “Family Feud,” scoring with over four hundred points. The team showed great reliance on their teammates and on their knowledge to help them win the game. Interested in participating next time? Keep an eye out for it on the Campus Connections website or go on the Corq app. Go, play the game, have some fun, and possibly leave with a win!

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