Club Spotlight: Biology Club


Lara Murray-Sterzel | Staff Writer

The world of biology is an interesting field of study. This field focuses on living environments, organisms, and how effective they are. Even if you’re not majoring in biology, there’s nothing wrong with having an interest in learning more about the subject. But how? What club can provide you with that chance? The Bio Club. With upstate New York’s beautiful wilderness, the club takes advantage of the opportunities given to bring Oneonta students closer to nature. This club is all about exploring the world of biology through trips and activities. 

Like many of the other clubs on campus, the rescheduling of Club Expo didn’t stop them from staying active. The Bio Club kept their meetings posted on the Corq app, encouraging students to come. On Tuesday, Sep. 13, the club hosted their first meeting where they introduced themselves to new members and talked about the club over pizza. The meeting opened with their President, senior Thomas Stritzi, a biology major, welcoming everyone and giving a brief introduction to the club’s purpose. He talked about the advisor of their club, Dr. Jeffery Heilveil, who teaches a variety of classes such as Genetics, Entomology, Stream Ecology, and Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology. His knowledge of those subjects helps the club grow professionally and encourages more creativity in the club.  

When their president was finished, sophomore Alexis Szary and senior Joseph Clark introduced themselves. Alexis is a biology major and the club’s secretary. She enjoys being a part of the club’s hiking trips. She also loves learning about insects; her favorites being centipedes and horned beetles. Joseph Clark is a science education and biology major, and the club’s treasurer. He’s been involved in this club for a while and looks forward to new members joining this year. What he loves the most is the traveling they do for the club. The club is currently searching for another E-board member to take over as the club’s historian. This position requires you to keep a record of their accomplishments and activities throughout the semester. Near the end of the meeting, their president talked about what their plans are this year. He spoke about exciting activities such as dissections, extracting their own DNA, tie-dying, taking a field day with the Biology Department, camping trips, a planetarium show, and an aquarium trip coming soon. When the meeting ended, the group took a slice of pizza and talked to the members about what else to expect from the club.   

What do you think? Do you see yourself joining? The Bio Club has regular meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in Perna 121. They encourage you to follow them on their Instagram @oneontabiologyclub to learn more and to come join them at their next meeting! 

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