Club Spotlight: Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship


Lara Murray-Sterzel, Staff Writer |

What’s your favorite way to spend your Saturday afternoon in September? At Oneonta, there are many things you can do. On Sep. 10, the Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship hosted a barbeque at SUNY Oneonta’s College Camp for its members with the acceptance of students. The Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship happens to be one of Oneonta’s many clubs that provides students the chance to bring them closer to Jesus Christ and their community. A surprising fact about them is their fellowship is on other college campuses across America, Central America, and Mexico making a difference in their ministry. Their mission is to form more positive and welcoming communities for students. But at this barbeque, it was more of a time of reflection for students to make new friends and learn about the club.

Even though Club Expo was rescheduled, The Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship wanted to have a barbeque for their current members. So, the club posted on Oneonta’s Corq app about their barbecue and offered transportation for those without a car. Their barbeque was in the pavilion in the afternoon. Before the meal, students entertained themselves while playing cornhole, enjoying a nature walk, helping other members with preparations, or viewing the lake in the middle of the campsite. It wasn’t long before the food was served. Before they ate, they said grace, thanking God for bringing them together and asking Him to bless their food. After saying grace, members gathered around a small picnic table in the pavilion where they had burgers, hotdogs, cookies, watermelons, potato chips, and other snacks to serve. We all sat at the tables and enjoyed each other’s company while listening to music from one of the member’s cars. When everyone was finished, they either returned to playing cornhole or stayed in the pavilion to chat.

I was able to sit down with their president sophomore Conrad Freed and talk about their club. He said the barbecue is special because everyone loves being out in nature and they love the location they chose. Besides, College Camp is well known for its bonfires held during the school year. When asked why he chose to have a barbecue as their first activity this semester, he said it was a good event for a Saturday afternoon after a long week. He also added that the members loved the burgers too.

The Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship has a meeting this Thursday off campus at the Bluefields Cafe located on Walnut Street at 6 p.m. They are planning to be quite active this year with regular meetings, weekly outreaches, planning fun weekend events, and retreats. They also encouraged people to come and join their club. For more information follow them on Instagram at @oneontaca.

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