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Did you know that Oneonta has more than 100 clubs on campus? It’s been known that Oneonta holds no limits to creativity and diversity on its campus. They have all kinds of clubs involving culture, academics, athletics, and so much more. Campus Connection and the Corq app provide you all the information that you need to know. But isn’t there any easier way of getting to know more about these clubs? A way to jump from one to the other without going on different days? Lucky for you, there is. The Club Expo is a campus event where all of Oneonta’s clubs come together in the Alumni Field House to introduce themselves and present their club to students.

The Club Expo was originally scheduled to be on Wednesday, Sep. 7, but had to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. The Club Expo was rescheduled for Sep. 18 at 3:30 p.m. When the doors finally opened, the gym filled with eager students browsing each club they could sign up for. The room was so packed that some students had to step out for some fresh air, and others were left sweating. The Club Expo had all kinds of exciting clubs including the Anthropology Club, the Chess Club, the Golf Club, the Mask and Hammer Theatre Club, the WireTV club, and even the Fencing club. Most of the students were rushing toward the sororities and fraternities’ tables at the event. Students lined up to either ask questions or write down their information. It wasn’t long before the event ended, and students had to leave.

“When I entered the Alumni Field House, I was overwhelmed at first because of the amount of people and tables with different signs on them,” said international transfer student Julia Frick, one of the students who showed up at Club Expo. “In my German home, universities there aren’t any kinds of clubs except choir and theatre, that’s why I was so impressed how engaged all of the students are besides their academic career.” When she was asked what she liked the most about the event Julia said, “What I liked the most was the huge variety of interests offered in different areas.” Many of the clubs were waiting impatiently for Club Expo to begin because most of their members were seniors and had started their meetings with barely any members. But after this event, members now feel Club Expo was a success. Club members look forward to starting their activities. “I really like the Club Expo. It’s a lot at first but you can pick and choose the clubs you like. And it’s a great way to network and meet people. I think it’s a great idea,” said Maya Golos, a member of the Photography Club.

If you were unable to attend the Club Expo, clubs are still seeking new members. So, go check out some on Campus Connection or Corq and join one today!

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