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Alexa Di Palermo, Staff Writer |

Take yourself back in time for a moment, it is 2008. “Twilight” has just been released, and everyone is going crazy. Everyone is picking “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” and pretending to be a vampire or werewolf. The world has gone crazy for the life and love that Bella Swan receives.

After thirteen years, I’m sure we can all say we have had some sort of experience with the “Twilight” series. Now that all movies have been uploaded to Netflix, it is easy to go back and rewatch them. Rewatching them has us all thinking… why did we want this type of love so badly?

Last Wednesday, Rebecca Harrington and Emily Phelps hosted Sex and Pizza: What’s on TOPic? This time the topic was the relationships that Bella had with others and herself. Were these relationships all we fantasized them to be? Or are they unhealthy and toxic behaviors happening over and over again? What kind of expectations did this give the younger audience for their relationships?

After looking at these relationships for entertainment, seeing them around a second time made many realize how unhealthy Bella’s relationships are. Bella is a person who knows what she wants when she wants it and will take down almost anybody in her way to get it. This creates strains in her relationships, like her stringing Jacob along or leaving her father in the worst way possible.

But the relationship that caused her to create problems with these people was her relationship with Edward. To start off, she got attached to him very quickly. The standard of their relationship became Edward always protecting Bella, and Bella compromising her regular life to meet with Edward’s not-so-regular life.

There were plenty of good aspects to their relationship, like the way they did care for one another despite their differences, the connection they had, and the values Edward held and carried onto his relationship with Bella. He respected her, loved her, and protected her no matter the cost. Both gave up the things they knew to be with one another.

This may not be the best influence on a younger audience, considering it conveys the message that to be with someone you may have to give up everything and step outside of a boundary. This can cause a lot of unhealthy tendencies and expectations for relationships, and make it seem okay because it was seen as a great romance on television.

Many argue this fact considering Bella is a character who seems to know what she wants. She only ever puts her foot down and does what she feels is best for herself. It is a good quality, but many question why she wants what she wants.

It is important to realize these patterns and create boundaries that make us comfortable within our relationships. Rebecca Harrington said, “…make space to understand and have acceptance for what’s normal, consensual, and wanted sex more than worrying about others.” Make sure to tune into the next conversation with Rebecca Harrington and Emily Phelps!

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