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Lara Murray, Contributing Writer |

Do you believe in magic? I’m sure we all did when we were small. With our parents sharing stories about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, it strengthened our imagination to see a bigger world. But as we got older, the magic began to fade. What about miracles? Are they fake, or are they real? The spiritual world is just as much a mystery as the universe. Understanding it is a challenge, and nobody likes a challenge. But there are those very few that can open the doors to the possibilities of anything. The Evasonsproved this through their gifts and knowledge, something Oneonta students will never forget.  

On October 28th at Hunt Union in the Waterfront room, an event took place to welcome magicians and mentalists, Jeff and Tessa Evason. The Evasons are a husband-and-wife duo who are one of the very few couples in history to master the talent of the second sight. They’ve traveled to thirty-five countries around the world and been on the international TV shows, “The World’s Greatest Magic” on NBC and “Power of the Paranormal” on Fox. When the show opened, Jeff Evason revealed they’ve been doing virtual events for the past eighteen months. They did a show a couple of months ago over at a company that developed high technology, one of those being contacts that allows you to look up things on the internet! So, before they began, they brought up a student to check Tessa’s eyes and ears. Nothing was found. Next, Jeff told the student to pull something out of her bag and she pulled out a lighter all while Tessa was looking away. Tessa was asked to guess what the object is. Without even looking, Tessa used her energy and correctly guessed it. She then described the design on the lighter! The student then pulled out her phone and opened her contacts. Tessa was s asked to tell us how many contacts are in the student’s phone. Going with her intuition and saying eighty, she was correct! The student picked a random contact, Tessa got the number correct. Nothing was ever used in this show! Tessa’s got magical talent!  

Throughout the show, Tessa demonstrated something she learned about Mentalism Second Sight. By doing this she must be blindfolded and turned away. The cloth was four layers of fabric! She used this in various games of guessing other student’s items, names, and even credit card numbers! Later Tessa taught the audience how to use a Pendulum, a crystal that hangs from a string used to spiritual guide you and answer questions into the beyond. 

The finale was the best part of the show. Jeff brought up a volunteer and had her sit in a chair. He then brought two witnesses to the stage on either side of her. The couple asked the volunteer’s best friend to come to the front row of the stage. He spoke about how spirits are like energy and when they pass, their essence can float around us. Jeff began to hypnotize the volunteer. Meanwhile Tessa walked up to her best friend, stood her up, and lightly tapped her shoulder blades. After taking the volunteer out of her hypnosis, Jeff asks how she felt. She said she felt cold and felt tapping on her two shoulder blades. Her best friend said what Tessa did to her. Prior, they had a girl come up to the volunteer and take a picture of her under her hypnosis. The student with the camera was waiting on the polaroid. When it was ready, the girl freaked out! Jeff showed the audience the photo, which had a woman’s face right behind the volunteer. Her best friend revealed it was a deceased neighbor she knew! How scary is that!  

Oneonta students loved the event! It was certainly the talk of the night. So, what do you think? Was the event all a trick for Halloween, or was it something beyond the world of understanding? We may never know… 

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