(Week of February 7)

Aries– Work on your self-confidence this week, Aries. Learn to love yourself for who you are and embrace all of the attributes that make you unique.

Taurus– Trouble in paradise? This week may bring romantic difficulties in your life due to your stubbornness, Taurus. Don’t let the small things cause pointless fights with your significant other.

Gemini– Take an adventure, Gemini. Visit a new restaurant, watch a movie you haven’t seen or immerse yourself in a new book. Open your mind this week.

Cancer– Get crafty this week, Cancer! Use your creative skills to create masterpieces for your friends and family, or just for yourself. Explore with new and exciting crafts and projects.

Leo– Try not to judge those around you too harshly this week, Leo. They may be going through difficult times and may not be acting right. Be there for others who might be making bad decisions.

Virgo– Big career accomplishments are coming your way, Virgo! This week is your time to take that job, ask for that promotion or get out of that dreary job you’re in now. Make the big leap toward accomplishing your career goals and have no regrets.

Libra– Let go of that grudge, Libra. Learn to let the past go in order to better yourself. Live your life in the moment instead of holding onto the past.

Scorpio– Don’t let jealousy get in the way of your goals this week, Scorpio. Focus on yourself and not the actions of others. 

Sagittarius– Get in touch with your feelings this week, Sagittarius. Try not to push away those around you when they express their thoughts and feelings with you. Don’t be afraid to express if you’re feeling happy, sad, lonely, etc., know that people will be more than willing to listen.

Capricorn– This week it’s time to stop that bad habit, Capricorn. Whether it’s getting in the way of your health, career or personal life, take the time to make a plan to stop this habit. Make this change not just for yourself, but for others around you as well.

Aquarius– Take time for some self-care this week, Aquarius. This month may seem overwhelming, so try to relax when you can. Set aside time for meditation, yoga or any activity that allows you to de-stress.

Pisces– Don’t be afraid to fall in love this week, Pisces. You may feel the need to push away those who show feelings for you, but it might be time to let yourself feel love. Have faith in their feelings as well as your own.

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