Horoscopes 11/8/19 – 11/15/19

Aries- Don’t be afraid to tap into your analytical side this week, Aries. Diving into problems headfirst may be your go-to, but it may cause more problems than you need. Carefully thinking out all your options could lead to something better for you.

Taurus- The upcoming winter is just what you’ve been looking for, Taurus. Take advantage of the colder weather and have a relaxing night in, snuggled up with a good book or some Netflix. Don’t forget to unwind every once in a while.

Gemini- Don’t hold yourself back this week, Gemini. Many new opportunities are headed your way. Let yourself experience new people, things, and places to your utmost desires.

Cancer- Be the emotional support you get from your friends this week, Cancer. Someone you love may need an extra-long hug or some words of affirmation. Don’t be afraid to put your emotions aside and focus on someone else’s.

Leo- You may want to transfer the spotlight to someone else this week, Leo. Take some time to yourself and mentally recharge. You may like the attention you get, but you’ll appreciate a break even more.

Virgo- Embrace your natural skills, Virgo. You may have been doubting your abilities lately, but you should take pride in your skills. Spend some extra time doing the things you love, and you’ll feel rewarded by the outcome.

Libra- You’ve been working extra hard to find balance in your schedule, Libra, but it is taking a toll on your mental health. Schedule some time for yourself and do some of the things you love. Some relaxation can help clear your head for more things in the future.

Scorpio- Embrace your passion this week, Scorpio. Don’t listen to those who tell you to calm down. Letting yourself feel and express all your emotions will be a source of strength you’ve been looking for.

Sagittarius- Tap into your intellectual side this week, Sagittarius. You may have been feeling lost lately, but a good book, album, or piece of art could help you feel better. Find the inspiration you’ve been looking for through art, literature, and music.

Capricorn- Embrace your materialism, Capricorn. Some retail therapy could help you find the mental peace you’ve been craving. Being able to flaunt a new top, bandana, or other accessory is the empowerment you deserve.

Aquarius- Be the change you wish to see in the world, Aquarius. Don’t be shy and say hi to someone you see sitting alone at lunch or start a conversation with the person always by themselves in class. Cheering others up may help you feel better too.

Pisces- Indulge your knowledge, Pisces. Read a new book or share some fun facts with your friends. Spreading your intelligence can give you more confidence in your learning. 

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