GSRC Dialogue Session: Gender Equality

September 21, 2018 The State Times 0

Katie Hèbert, Staff Writer|

Although construction has moved offices around in Hunt Union, that hasn’t stopped the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center from starting the school year with excitement …


Frustrating Final for Serena

September 21, 2018 The State Times 0

Tara O’Leary, Staff Writer |

The September 8 Women’s Singles Final at the U.S. Open is still making headlines for its controversial finish. Global superstar Serena Williams lost the match …


Overpopulation and Its Effects

September 21, 2018 The State Times 9

Chrystal Savage, Culture Editor|

“… but land does not beget:” Cecil Rhodes

Present day, overpopulation reigns as one of the most eminent dangers facing mankind; and conveniently remains tremendously overlooked. …


Hurricane Florence

September 21, 2018 The State Times 0

Casey McShea, Staff Writer| 

At least 32 people, including an infant and her mother, have died across the North and South Carolinas due to Hurricane Florence.

Florence developed as the …


Nikki vs. Cardi

September 21, 2018 The State Times 0

Patrick McConnellContributing Writer |

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, two established female rappers, engaged in an altercation at the New York Fashion Week on Friday, September 7.  Footage …