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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, two established female rappers, engaged in an altercation at the New York Fashion Week on Friday, September 7.  Footage of the brawl was recorded and posted on social media, which shows Cardi lunging at Nicki, and being restrained and eventually escorted out by security.  According to Slate, the rapper also allegedly threw her shoe at Nicki and left the event with a bruised forehead and a torn dress.


The pair have been feuding for a long time now.  Their ongoing conflict apparently began in 2017, when Nicki dropped a track, “No Flag,”with lyrics suggesting Cardi as inferior to her.  Cardi herself eventually responded on the song, “No Limit”, which called out jealousy over her career and successes.

Cardi and Nicki haven’t always been enemies, however, according to U.S Magazine.  Following their quarrel, Cardi explained her behavior on social media, attacking Nicki for her threats and harassment to her as a rapper, as well as a mother.  “But when you mention my child…make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter,” she said. “I’ve worked [too] hard and come too far to let anybody f*** with my success!!!!”

Nicki recently responded to these statements, claiming that she had never said anything about Cardi’s daughter.  On her radio show, she expressed how humiliating, mortifying and even unprofessional the whole situation was.  “This woman’s at the highest point in her career and she’s throwing shoes?” Nicki retorted in response.

It’s no wonder that two female artists in the rap industry would likely be pitted against each other. There is a rhetoric that two successful women could never share the spotlight and therefore one must ruin the reputation of the other.  Unfortunately, society tends to glorify this type of conflict, and these women are not doing anything to prove otherwise.

No matter how the feud between the women began, it is recognized by critics that they both have platforms that they should be using to construct something innovative or progressive.  Many agree that there is no logic in creating this unnecessary and petty drama, especially when they legitimize it by publicly fighting and adding fuel to the fire.

It goes without saying that both rappers have had their fair share of both positive acclaim, as well as critical backlash.  For starters, several discriminatory slurs have been exposed from Cardi’s past and present.

Cardi B has also been called out for defending her fiancé, Offset, for his homophobic lyrics in the song “Boss Life,” as well as promoting transphobia in her own songs.

Nicki has in turn had her fair share of shame.  In 2017, Nicki stood by and supported her brother as he was convicted for the alleged sexual assault of his stepdaughter.  More recently, Nicki was featured in the song, “Fefe” with rapper 6ix9ine.  Fans were disappointed with Minaj because of sexual misconduct allegations made against 6ix9ine for having sexual relations with a girl who was underage.  Furthermore, Nicki responded to the criticism by claiming that there is a double standard, and the public just wants to see her success crumble.

This statement is not entirely wrong, however.  The media loves to draw out controversy and drama.  So perhaps this whole feud between the two rappers is all a sham to gain public attention and make profits.  Either way, it’s working off of the public’s expense.

Both Nicki and Cardi have had their controversial pasts and continue to do nothing to make up for it today.  They could use their status to spark a discussion or movement against homophobia, transphobia, pedophilia, and other controversial and discriminatory things they have done.

Rather than remain mature, acknowledge their differences, and make an effort to move past them, they feed into this frenzy that the general public adores to gossip about.

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