MLB Season Back in Swing


Wyatt Cushman, Staff Writer |

March 29 marked the start of the 2018 season for every MLB team. Last season we were treated to a phenomenal regular and postseason, with it all coming down to a game seven to determine a champion. The Astros would come out on top, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers with their incredible offense. That’s all in the past, and its time to play more baseball to determine who will be the next World Series Champion, come October.

While it’s still very early in the season, we have already seen a few teams emerge as front runners; some expected and some unexpected. The New York Mets, who struggled last season to find any sort of success, have started this season as one of the hottest teams in baseball. They’re currently 8-1 and share the best record in the majors. That’s right, the New York Mets have the best record in baseball. The Mets have a solid roster, equipped with possibly the best starting rotation out there. The additions of Jay Bruce, who came in late last season, and Todd Frazier, who came over during the offseason, seem to be working so far. We’ll have to see if they can maintain this sort of success, but the team from Queens is playing well to start the season.

Another team that has impressed many is the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks won a Wild Card playoff game last season before being swept by the eventual National League Champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers. A lot of baseball fans probably don’t know who many of their players are, but they’re getting the job done. Pitching and defense have been the formula so far as the Diamondbacks have allowed two or fewer runs in seven of the ten games they’ve played. Elite pitching is what can take you far into the postseason and eventually win a championship.

Another team currently tied for the best record in baseball is the Boston Red Sox, who have also used starting pitching to lead them to an 8-1 record. Their eighth game of the season was the first time one of their starters gave up more than two earned runs, which is an incredible accomplishment. Pitching has been the key ingredient to the Red Sox success, but their bats have contributed in key spots, including two game winning RBIs (Runs Batted in) by Hanley Ramirez already in extra innings.

These teams have all tasted early season success, but others have faired less fortunate. Both the Dodgers and Yankees were projected to be near the top of the league, have struggled to some extent so far. Neither team is above .500 right now, but again, it’s early; there’s nothing to be worried about yet if you’re a fan of either one of these teams. The best teams every year go through stretches of losing a few more than they win. That time may be the very beginning of the season for these ballclubs.

Whether these teams can turn it around or one of the previously mentioned teams will cool off, baseball is finally back, and it brings with it the warmer weather. The long and brutal winter is over, baseball fans. Time to enjoy another long and eventful season where your team hopefully brings you joy and happiness instead of frustration and anger.

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