HOROSCOPES (Week of March 23 – March 29)

ARIES: Aries, this week you may find a new romantic spark that you have been lacking. While this is exciting and should be celebrated, be sure you’re giving your relationship the time it needs to progress in a healthy way. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries or to set the sky as the limit.

TAURUS: As of recently, Taurus, you may feel as though you have been under attack by others. Their criticism often seems to be too much, and you feel a more prevalent sensitivity to the opinions of others. For the Taurus who is feeling this way for the first time with your friends, this is just going to be an “off” week for you. For the Taurus who notices that this is a recurring theme, maybe it’s finally time to cut toxic people out of your life. GEMINI: Gemini, recently you have been feeling haunted by something in your past: an embarrassment, a tragedy, an ex-you name it. Channel serenity and put the past to rest by seeking closure. Relive whatever event seems to be at the forefront of your thoughts lately. If reaching out aids in the healing, by all means seek the guidance that you need.

CANCER: After a much needed break, Cancer needs to buckle down this week. Despite the stress, Cancer should spend this week investing in their relationships, social life, and academics.

LEO: Leos, this week you may be finding yourself pinched under the pressure of finances. There’s no question that Leos bring 110 percent of their energy into the workplace, always coming up with solutions to complete the task at hand more efficiently, so when you’re feeling like your absolute best is still not meeting your needs, it can be frustrating. Try to channel your irritability into producing financial plans and goals.

VIRGO: Virgo, this week focus on your health and wellness in every facet of your life: mentally, physically, physiologically, romantically, and emotionally. Try your best to eat better; pass on the calorie heavy drinks and take time to really just be with yourself, evaluate where you are and set some goals for your life moving forward.

LIBRA: Libras, this week success and good fortune seems to gravitate towards you. This success may be seen in a single facet of your life or rather across the spectrum. Don’t let this luck go to your head though. Maybe grab a lottery ticket, but try to use some new numbers.

SCORPIO: This week, Scorpio, you find yourself under social and academic stress. You should do you, your friends will hopefully understand that you want to stay in, and your parents will hopefully be okay with a semester on the Dean’s List instead of the Provost.

SAGITTARIUS: This week, Sagittarius, you should resurface to social media. In the world we live in today, much of our lives are lived through a network. A quick update will do yourself and everyone else a little good. Your great aunt from California can stop worrying as to whether or not you’re eating enough, and you can feel good that you’ve put everybody’s mind at ease. Now go on living your life for yourself and not for social media likes.

CAPRICORN: This week Capricorns are headed in a new direction as far as their career goes. Whether or not this new interest manifests itself into a major change, or whether it just means you have a new hobby to fill your spare time, it’s exciting .Try to cope by hanging out in calm environments and getting enough sleep. AQUARIUS: Aquarius, lately you have been feeling a little uninvolved. Try looking for clubs you may be interested in, or even strive to start your own; establishing an organization always looks good on a resume and will leave you feeling satisfied with your impact on the campus community. Be loud, be proud, speak your mind, be mindful, and the world is your oyster.

PISCES: This week, Pisces, you’re getting lucky. The luck of the Irish will come your way this week after Saint Patrick’s Day, so don’t be afraid to take risks and throw caution to the wind, just not all of it. Be be mindful as to whether you are really taking a risk or just making a really bad decision, and then go from there. Second guess your conscious though; this week you’ll struggle to judge a situation for what it really is. So with that being said, go get ‘em!

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