Gabrielle Serafin, Contributing Writer

A crinkled ticket, a faded sign

How they all mean so much.

Like the picture you drew of me,

How I trace it over just to feel your touch.

The memories we have imprisoned now,

Only in frames,

That’s all I have left of you,

As if it’s the same.

With every glance, I re-live what used to be;

How bright we were,

How much “we” actually meant to me.

But for you, it meant close to none

You left with no notice,

At a pace of a run

Without even looking back,

At all you left behind,

At the mess you made,

At the destruction you caused,

You walked out and left my life paused.

But you’re still here in all the things you’ve given me;

You’re still present,

In a way different than before.

Now existing only in items…

At least they won’t walk out the door.

For once was enough to handle that pain,

You don’t even notice…

You took my sunshine and left me with rain.

But I could never hate you,

No matter how hard I tried.

I walk with an umbrella now

And no longer hide.

And when it gets too late and the day must end,

I lay awake and replay that message you just had to send.

It’s like I’m frozen in time and just can’t get out;

Leaving me with all my crazy thoughts and doubt.

Hoping and praying that one day my heart will fully mend,

I mean after all why should I care?

I was only just the friend.

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