Healthy Choices Can Be Made at SUNY Oneonta

Tina Veilson- Contributing Writer

The trend is everywhere- its on social networks, magazines, television and of course every celebrity is doing it. Getting fit. That’s the new thing. How are we supposed to get fit while living on a college campus and overwhelmed with timely work? Well, here is some good news, a huge part of fitness is proper diet, and eating healthy takes the same amount of time as eating junk.
College dining halls are stereotypically disgusting and unhealthy; however, Oneonta luckily does not have that reputation. On campus there are tons of healthy options including vegan and vegetarian choices. One feature on campus that is overlooked by many is O’healthy in Hulbert dining hall.
It features many whole grains that most students would not typically include in their diet. The usual options are quinoa, farro, grano and amaranth. All of these have many benefits including highprotein, fiber, magnesium and iron. Quinoa, is even gluten free! These grains can be paired with various meats and vegetables and topped with a sauce of your choice. Soy sauce is a great option available for those looking to avoid extra sugars and calories.
O’healthy also features fresh hummus, which is a great way to add protein to your plate. Some days there is whole-wheat pita, too. The salad bar is fully stocked and upon your request you can have whichever vegetable to add to your stir-fry or to eat with the hummus—don’t be shy, it’s your lunch!
The other two dining halls on campus are also relatively health-conscious. Mills dining hall has whole-wheat tortillas available at Rappz, and another fully loaded salad bar. As long as you ignore the dessert table right at the exit, you should be good. Wilsbach dining hall features a vegan section near the salad bar and also many whole-wheat options.
The secret to staying fit in college is simple: if you are conscious of what you eat and are moderately active you should be fine. Avoid making a habit of the fried, calorie-dense and nutrient lacking food in the dining halls. Add a salad on the side rather than fries, or try grabbing fruit on the go. Health and fitness is something that is achieved when it is worked into every aspect of your lifestyle. So pick up that apple and take another step towards your health goals.

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