Top 6 Songs to Get You in the Mood

Alex Fredkin, Arts Editor

For decades musicians have been making music with one thing in mind – love making. There are countless songs that people enjoy listening to that touch on sexual themes. While everyone has their favorites, here are the six songs that I think best represent a sexual vibe and romanticism, and are perfect for getting you in the mood.

6. Citizen Cope “If There’s Love”

“If There’s Love” is probably the least-known song on the list, but it is certainly deserving. Citizen Cope’s claim to fame is the mysterious and haunting track “Let the Drummer Kick,” but this song (another great one by them) takes on a totally different mood. With a peaceful guitar melody and smooth bass line, singer Clarence Greenwood soothes the listener with his voice. With the chorus line “If there’s love/ I just want to have something to do with it” you know he is serious about making love.

5. Juvenile “Slow Motion”
Centered on an uncharacteristically soulful guitar riff for a rap song, “Slow Motion” by Juvenile is a perfect ode to what a woman can do in bed. With a slow tempo and that mesmerizing guitar, Juvenile and featured artist Soulja Jim take turns spitting line after line about how much they like it when their ladies are “working that back.”

4. Portishead “Glory Box”


“Glory Box” by Portishead can be simultaneously haunting and sexual at the same time. It has all the elements of a dark, mysterious noir film. It crawls along at a snail’s pace, setting a strong groove with a sensual bass line offset by classical strings. The best part of this song, though, is certainly the vocals. Singer Beth Gibbons’ idiosyncratic style ranges from low, staccato vocalizations to the beautiful chorus where she laments “Give me a reason/ to love you. Give me a reason to be/ a woman.” The female perspective of a woman who is tired of chasing and wants a man to come to her makes this a unique and darkly sexual song.

3. Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing”


One of the classic sexual songs of all time, “Sexual Healing” makes its intentions no secret. The bouncing rhythm and quintessential 80’s sound lends itself to Marvin Gaye’s signature voice. Gaye speaks on love-making in almost an innocent way; all he wants is a woman to make him happy. Gaye’s beautiful voice aches with such a sincerity, allowing any woman listening to let their guard down and be with him.

2. Frank Ocean “Thinking Bout You”
The newest song on the list, Frank Ocean’s excellent album Channel Orange set the hearts of many on fire in 2012. Its total rejuvenation of contemporary 90’s R&B captivated listeners, and the lead single “Thinkin Bout You” was a huge part of that. It has a mesmerizing melody with synth swells and an echoing drum track. It’s hopelessly romantic theme of liking someone but not knowing if they like you back is spot on. When Ocean breaks into a wrenching falsetto, “Or do you not think so far ahead/ ‘Cause I’ve been thinking ‘bout forever,” the listener really feels for the singer, and feels for themselves as well.

1. Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”
With a sound so unmistakable, recognizable and impactful, “Let’s Get it On” gets you in the mood literally in the first few seconds. Whether you know it is the second Marvin Gaye song on the list or not, every person alive has heard this one. A slow rhythm and funky guitar melody starts off this song. Afterwards the sexual icon himself grabs the listener with his straining vocals, crying out “I’ve been really trying, baby/ Trying to hold back this feeling for so long.” Gaye tells his woman very simply “Let’s get it on.” With sexual songs like this, the words do not have to be explicit to be direct; Gaye does not beat around the bush, and is ready to get down to it. The perfect production of this song pairs with the vocals like no other. If you want to get yourself in the mood, “Let’s Get it On” is the one for you.

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