Sex Forward Fashion

photo by Indiana Nash
photo by Indiana Nash
Indiana Nash, News Editor
Deonna Spence, a sophmore here at SUNY Oneonta is a fashion design major with an eye to the future. She created this dress entirely out of condoms for her wearable design fashion class, in which students were told to design a dress with a message. “Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and telling a story within a garment. In this dress, I wanted to express safe sex awareness and the importance of protecting yourself. I created this fitted sheath dress and bow belt with just condoms and staples. My goal was to get people to look at condoms in a different way and to promote the use of them. I love fashion because you can use anything as a form of inspiration and story behind your work,” says Deonna of her design. With creations like this, she’s definitely a designer to look out for.

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