‘The Walking Dead’ Returns to Rave Reviews

Ka Ying Sara Li, Contributing Writer

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After two months without a new Walking Dead episode, it is finally back on AMC. With all the posts, tweets, articles and news throughout the internet, there’s no doubt the popularity of “The Walking Dead” could be one of the best in history.

When “The Walking Dead” finished off the first half of season three with “Made to Suffer,” the firefight between Rick’s crew and the people of Woodbury, ruled by the “governor” wasn’t the highlight. Instead, it was the introduction of another group of survivors.

“The Walking Dead” came back with an opening that pit brother against brother (Daryl and Merle) in a gladiatorial combat of the Dixons. As a fan of the show, we finally got an answer to the question which we had speculated for a while, “What would happen when Daryl and Merle reunited?” It ended up nothing like I had expected. In this episode, “The Suicide King,” things unraveled in Woodbury as well as at the prison, but it wasn’t dreary at all.

Throughout the episode there were parts that some of the fans said were unexpected, odd or strange. Daryl and Carol left Rick’s group in order to off with Merle on their own. Will they survive till the end? Will they regroup with Rick’s? It was also surprising that after Rick was assaulted, Andrea was the one who tried to hold things together while the other townsfolk in Woodbury were all rattled, shaken and unsecured. How much longer will Andrea be able to be the “leader?” The episode ended up with Rick denying a group of newcomers, who may actually help them defend themselves against the impending retaliation by the Governor and his crew, to stay in his prison. Is he making a wrong move here this time? Finally, a previous plotline makes its return when Rick encounters Lori as a ghost-like creature. How will Rick react to seeing his wife this time? Will he continue to keep it to himself, or will he tell the rest of the group?

A returning episode with tons of gore factor along with some twists and turns definitely satisfied the fans of the show. The premiere scored the show’s highest rating ever with 12.3 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Ratings. With Rick freaking out at the end of the episode, it kind of revealed that complicated things are further down the road.

The next Walking Dead episode, “Home,” airs on Sunday, February 17 starting at 9 p.m. on AMC. Again, how big will this second half of season three be? Let’s find out together on Sunday!

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