Movie Review: Halloween Kills

October 21, 2022 The State Times 0

Lara Murray-Sterzel, Staff Writer |


In October, everyone is counting down the days to Halloween: Whether it’s by decorating your house with jack-o’lanterns or shopping for your costume, …


“Zoey 101” Reboot

November 6, 2020 The State Times 0

Andrew Dawson, Contributing Writer |

There have been rumors of a reboot of the famous Nickelodeon show “Zoey 101.” Rumors were speculated by fans after Jamie Lynn Spears recreated the …


2020 Emmy Award Show Recap

October 2, 2020 The State Times 0

Isabelle Torres, Staff Writer |

     This year’s Emmy Award Show continued even through the pandemic, shocking many pop culture lovers. Fans were curious about how the ceremony would commence, but …


“13 Reasons Why”

April 11, 2017 The State Times 0

Paige Welch, Staff Writer |

Netflix never fails to impress with their original productions. Hotly anticipated movies and television shows have been consistent with the video streaming site’s repertoire. The …