Football Sundays: A Survival Guide

Courtney Oberlies, Social Media Coordinator

Well, it’s that time of year again—yes, it’s football season. Wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters of sports-obsessed men have been driven crazy by football Sundays. When the game is on, it’s like we’re not even here. We all somehow become invisible just because there’s a game on. As the girlfriend of an obsessive sports fanatic, I have compiled a list of tips to help women of all ages survive the dreaded football Sunday.

1. Learn some basic facts. Look up some background information on the sport or maybe even some of the players. Impress your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband by mentioning something about you researched the night before. This will impress them, plus, knowing some basic facts might help you enjoy the game a little more.

2. Find something that YOU like about football Sundays. If you like cooking and attractive athletes, make these Sundays fun for you by cooking some tasty appetizers for everyone watching the
game. If you’re completely uninterested in how the game actually works, it’s not a bad idea to take a peek at the game for some eye candy.

3. Try to watch the game with him. You might actually start to enjoy it, but only if he’s alone. If he’s with a bunch of other guys I would give them their space. They probably won’t even notice that you’re there. If that’s the case, disappear for the day and go out for lunch and some shopping with the girls. It’ll be like the game isn’t even on.

4. DON’T try and have a serious conversation with him while the game is on, especially if his favorite team is playing. In my personal experience, it doesn’t work. It may seem like he is listening and paying attention, but he’s probably not. When the game is on, it seems as if the world stops for everything but football.

5. Ask him to teach you a little bit about the game. He will definitely appreciate your interest, and will love that you’re trying to learn about one of their favorite sports. Do this on any occasion EXCEPT on the Super Bowl, especially if his favorite team is playing.

6. DON’T tease him right after his favorite team has just lost. Some men take it as seriously as if they were the athletes playing in the actual game. They will not be happy with you.

Hang in there ladies, there are only 10 more weeks until football season is officially over.

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