James Bond Saves the World Again in Skyfall

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Adam Lis, Staff Writer

image courtesy of guardian.com

Over the Thanksgiving break I had a chance to see one of the most highly anticipated movies of the holiday season, Skyfall. The twenty-third installment in the James Bond series proved to be just as good as its predecessors. Of course the movie stars none other than Daniel Craig.
In my opinion he is the best Bond in the series of movies, with Pierce Brosnan second. The movie starts out with high intensity as Bond is on pursuit of an international criminal in Turkey, who has a list of MI6 agents whose lives are in danger if the list falls into the wrong hands. To prevent spoilers for those who have not yet had a chance to see the movie, I will not go into much detail.

To sum up the plot of the movie, someone has hacked MI6 (which is the British Secret Service) and is targeting M, who is Bond’s boss. Bond must prevent this from happening by finding out who this mysterious criminal mastermind is, all while the thought that he might be too old to continue saving the world hangs over his head.

The movie is longer than most, two and a half hours to be exact, however it does not drag on. There is so much information along with a lot of twists and turns to leave you at the edge of your seat. I also can’t stress enough how excellent the new Bond girl Naomie Harris is. All in all it is a great film, and I assure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose to go see it in theaters.

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