De-stressing During Final’s Week

Adam Lis, Columnist

It’s that time of year again; the snow is hitting the ground and Thanksgiving break is behind us. This can only mean one thing—finals! A majority of students seem to cringe when they hear that word. The sheer thought of being tested on everything they have learned in a whole semester is blasphemous in the eyes of many. Are you one of those people who runs for the hills in fear when this time of year rolls around? If so, then keep reading because I am going to give you the advice for de-stressing during finals.

For starters, remember one key thing: breathe. Just relax, finals are not meant to kill anyone. If you have attended class, paid some attention and at least made one friend who knows what the professor is talking about then you are already out of the gate and on the race to pass the test. Now let’s move on to some techniques on how to survive these last crucial weeks. Looking at an article on, entitled “Stress Management — Ways to Relieve Stress,” I gained a bit of insight on how to relax your mind. Try writing or drawing, even if you don’t think you’re talented at it. You can still be relaxed while doing it. Put on some mellowed out music, Band of Horses or Mumford & Sons maybe, and try to just chill out and be creative. Draw something that makes you happy. Maybe you miss home? If so, then try drawing a picture of your favorite place at home, this way your mind is not solely focused on the exam but some sense of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Another technique is letting your feelings out. Talk with your friends, laugh, cry or express anger when you need to. Don’t keep emotions bottled inside especially when studying; you are only going to distract and emotionally hurt yourself. Also try doing something you enjoy. If it’s the weekend then study during the day and enjoy your night. Trying to cram all weekend for an exam isn’t healthy because your mind needs a break. A little trip to the Sip for happy hour on Saturday isn’t going to hurt anyone. If you study for six hours during the day on Saturday, then a little two hour break of hanging with friends while having a couple drinks and watching the basketball game might be just what you need to keep your sanity.

Marcus Buckingham, author of “The One Thing You Need to Know,” explains that a person needs to take a break after every 90 minute interval. Work for an hour and a half then get up and walk around. Take several short breaks, go out and get some fresh air, and while you’re out there, have a good scream. Also, sunlight is good for you because you are a college student not a bat. Another great way to relieve stress is to exercise. Go to the gym after a couple hours of studying; put your music on and run on the treadmill or do some relaxing yoga. Like I said before, always remember to breathe physically and metaphorically. Well folks these are my tips I hope they work for you. Good luck with finals and enjoy your holiday break everyone.

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