Until I Fall by HaliJo Webster

Editor’s Pick

image courtesy of ic-creations.com

I shout and no one seems to hear.
I dance naked and no one responds.
I wow my “self” and stand higher
than any mountain I have stood on before!
No one sees me.
Not till I fall.

I am deeper than the oceans
and no one notices my meaning
I have crawled out from rock with worms in hand
to prove my place in a time ago
Brushed my “self” off and flew,
no one sees my flight.
Not till I fall.

I shout “hey”!
I sing out!
I move about!
I talk!
I write!
I scream!
No-one hears….
Until I fall.

Dancing in a world to busy to hear.
Enthralled by individual mountain climbing.
Rightfully so!!!!

Will you see my message?
Will you see the healing?
Will you stop to really listen?
If we are all on mountains or climbing them…
How can we hear each other?
Why wait…
Until the fall?

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