Obama’s Presidency Proves that Racism Is Still Not Over

Laura Nayibi Arias, Culture Editor

Might Obama’s presidency be the reawakening of racism in America, or has racism been among us all along? The manner in which Obama is being portrayed in the media by some people that oppose his presidency, might be proof still today, racism and discrimination is prevailing.

both images courtesy of sodahead.com

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  1. Does Obama not deserve every negative thing said about him?! He publicly fist bumps his wife for heavens sake! Also he sat there and let our embassy be attacked! Looks to me like a terrorists best friend! Don’t even try to use the excuse, ” well he killed Bin Laden” Sorry to rain on your parade, but he did not, if he did pictures and videos of the raid would have been released. Bin Laden died in a cave of kidney problems well before the ink dried on Obama’s “birth certificate”

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