Hypnotic Hijinks Put Students into Spells of Laughter

Anna Onderdonk, Staff Writer

A hypnotist visited the Oneonta campus last Monday, October 3 and those that attended the event are not likely to forget it anytime soon. Sailesh, the man who manipulates minds, was a great success at making students laugh until they cried as they watched their peers do things they would never have done in their right minds. There was no doubt the hypnosis was a genuine hypnosis as participants on stage sank into a deep slumber with one word from him.

Not all participants knew they were going to be a part of the show from the beginning; a few of them were pulled on stage because they went into a sleep trance while in the audience. Much to the delight of their friends, these unsuspecting sleepers were pointed out by those around them and Sailesh hypnotized them to join the fun. Sailesh succeeded in making students believe that they were river dancers, that a belt was a snake and that they were on a mission to Mars.

Only part of his act was rated PG however–as the night went on the mind games became more and more racy. For a while, those who were hypnotized “saw” Sailesh as a very well-endowed naked man. The participants also had the rare opportunity to have a conversation with their own private parts and things only escalated from there. There were a lot of induced orgasms and some uncontrollable swearing. Needless to say, Sailesh knew how to play to an audience of college students.

Every participant at the end of the show was given a gift from Sailesh to have for the rest of their lives: he hypnotized them to love the sight of themselves and to have great confidence every time they see their own reflection. When one participant was asked how she felt right after the show, she responded, “really excited.” Though the hypnotized may receive some teasing in the weeks to come, it is fair to say that a good time was had by all.

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