After we Fell… Play or Pause?

Alexa Di Palermo]

This past September, the third movie in the After series, “After we Fell” was released to its fans. We know these movies, inspired by the After-novel series written by Anna Todd, have brought joy to many readers’ hearts. The movies are emotional and depict the relationship between Hardin Scott and Tessa Young. In “After we Fell” specifically, it challenges the future between them.

At the end of the last movie, we saw Tessa not only get an offer for a brand-new job but reunite with her father who she has not seen since she was a child. We get to see her struggles with her father’s alcoholism, and it truly shows the audience how Hardin’s alcohol problem affects their relationship. But, as always, Hardin is willing to be better for Tessa.

Hardin and Tessa also face long distance for the first time in a long time, with Tessa moving from Georgia to Seattle while Hardin was hoping she would move with him to London. Although Hardin does reconsider, there are many complications within their relationship that leave fans on a cliffhanger.

Personally, I liked this movie a lot. Tessa and Hardin were interesting to watch as per usual, and the exposure of their family problems was interesting to see, considering the audience only knew bits and pieces. An observation I made was their childhood trauma reflects within the choices they make in life, specifically in their relationship. Watching their relationship grow as I am older now makes me realize how their relationship is not the healthiest and is romanticized not only by the audience, but by themselves. They have their good times, but when they have their bad times, they truly have their bad times. Their trust and communication could be better.

I liked Tessa’s new setting, although I did miss seeing her as a college student on a campus. As a college freshman, her having a real job and being set in her dream city is impressive. However, it’s as though she let go of the rest of her real college experience away from her controlling mother to be in a relationship and become an adult.

If someone were to ask me if they should watch this movie (after watching the previous films), I would recommend it. It’s not my favorite one of the films as it was more intense and boring than the others. I felt as if the movie was not truly over when it was over. It ended in a weird place leaving it on a cliff hanger, but I’m not truly sure what to expect.

The only time I would not recommend watching this movie and the previous films would be for younger children. This is not only because many of the scenes are inappropriate, but because they depict and romanticize unhealthy relationships, cheating, and alcohol abuse. This may not be something that should be romanticized to the younger generation but used to show the reality of these situations to teens and young adults.

At the end of the day, I cannot wait for the next movie!

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