Horoscopes 11/15/19 – 11/22/19

Aries- Be careful with your honesty this week, Aries. You may think having the strongest voice in a conversation is a good thing but, pay attention to who you’re talking to. Sometimes silent support is the most important thing your friends need.

Taurus- Take time to pay more attention to your surroundings, Taurus. You may want to jump into something headfirst, but it’ll benefit you more to be aware. Some things work better for you if you take your time.

Gemini- You’ve been very wholesome lately, Gemini. Your friends appreciate all the affection and care you’ve been sending their way, but don’t forget about yourself. Give yourself the same mood-inflating affirmations that you’ve been distributing to others.

Cancer- You’re doing amazing, Cancer. Your efforts with self-care and personal time to reflect on your emotions is really paying off. Don’t forget that the best relationship you have should be with yourself.

Leo- Don’t doubt your personality, Leo. You’re the center of attention for a good reason. Good things are coming your way and you deserve them for simply being yourself.

Virgo- Don’t be so analytical that you overlook emotions, Virgo. You may have strict beliefs that you think are right, but your words hurt. Have an open mind and consider someone else’s opinions before you judge them too harshly.

Libra- Fight for what you believe in, Libra. You may have been feeling voiceless lately, but that shouldn’t stop you. Your feelings deserve to be heard and you can do great things fighting for that right.

Scorpio- Embrace your independence, Scorpio. In the bustle of group activities lately, don’t feel pressured to step outside of your comfort zone. You will thrive just fine on your own.

Sagittarius- You are loved, Sagittarius. You may have been feeling down lately but don’t doubt your worth. Your friends love your jokes and stories. You’re the light in someone’s world.

Capricorn- Don’t feel the need to open up this week, Capricorn. Your friends may want you to tell your secrets but stay strong with your identity. It’s okay to keep things to yourself and find pleasure in your own company.

Aquarius- Thrive in your family environment, Aquarius. You do your best surrounded by those closest to you. Let your family know how much you love and appreciate them.

Pisces- Your acts of kindness aren’t going unnoticed, Pisces. Take comfort in the happiness you bring to others. You mean more than you may think.

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