“The Big Day”

Gabrielle Serafin, Contributing Writer

Flowers and wine, could it get any better?

Place cards and glitter, flawless down to the last letter.

Shoelaces and heels, all shiny and new;

Pictures and places, only just a few.

Bright lights and big eyes, watching the magic about to take place.

Corsets and bows, all tied up with lace.

Black and white, for everyone to see.

Him and her, forever they’ll be.

Music and singing, it fills the air.

The church doors open; you can’t help but stare.

There she is all shiny and pure,

Walking down the aisle, she tells herself she’s sure.

This is the one, this is it. Her big day is here.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting to celebrate and cheer.

She meets his eyes quickly and with ease.

She starts toward him, he’s down on his knees.

His reaction to her makes everything okay.

She has no doubt in the world…this one will stay.

They swear to love each other through thin and thick.

They promise to care for one another even when sick.

She looks in his eyes…those big eyes of blue.

She smiles and gently whispers, “I do.”

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