Olivia Rodrigo Drops “Guts (Spilled)”: Here’s Our Thoughts On The New Tracks

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Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

Olivia Rodrigo released her sophomore album Guts in September of last year. When this album was released, her fans went crazy, knowing that this album would have a different vibe than her last. People like to describe this album as “the older sister” of her debut Sour. Guts follows the themes of heartbreak, jealousy, and the pressures of growing into adulthood. This album has similar themes to Sour but differs by having more mature themes within her music and switching to a more college-aged demographic such as herself. 

When Guts vinyls were released each vinyl had a different bonus song that revealed a snippet of the deluxe version of Guts. Guts (spilled) was released on March 22nd, 2024 and it could not have been more iconic the way she released it. During her tour, she held up a crumbled piece of paper that read, “GUTS DELUXE OUT FRIDAY” and her backup dancers held out the names of the five bonus songs that would be on the album. These songs include “Obsessed”, “Girl I’ve Always Been”, “Scared of My Guitar”, “Stranger”, and “So American”. 

Track 1: Obsessed 

Obsessed is by far my favorite song off of the entire Guts Deluxe album. The song is about overthinking about your partner’s ex and comparing yourself to her even if they don’t even talk anymore. This entire song is too relatable and I love the rock vibe she gives throughout the song. I feel like this should have been in the original release of Guts, but I am not one to argue with an artist’s creative decisions. 

One of my favorite lines is “Is she friends with your friends? Is she good in bed? Do you think about her? No, I’m fine, it doesn’t matter, tell me is she easy-going? Never controlling? Well-traveled? Well-read? Oh, god, she makes me so upset.” I love this line because the way she sings this line makes it almost sound like she is losing her mind over this ex-girlfriend and wants to know if she is better than her in every way. My rating: 11/10. 

Track 2: Girl I’ve Always Been 

This song is about never changing your behavior regardless of anything that happens. Throughout the song, Olivia talks about how her actions and behavior have never changed and she is quite literally, the girl she has always been. I like this song, though it has a very different vibe than what she normally releases. It’s refreshing to hear a new sound from her. This gives me country/folk music kind of vibes, and the guitar in it is magnificent. My rating: 8/10. 

Track 3: Scared of My Guitar

This song is about having mixed feelings about a relationship. On the outside, everything seems great, and the partner she has treats her well. But, deep down Olivia does not love the person she is with and feels bad about that. I love the sad guitar in this and the melancholy tune of uncertainty. My rating: 9/10 

Track 4: Stranger 

This song is about finally getting over someone who has been on your mind forever and finally having that weight lifted off your shoulders by no longer thinking about them. This song is one of the sadder songs off the album, only because it hits me in the feels. I love the guitar and the tone of her voice, being happy that she no longer thinks about this person but kind of nostalgic for the times she has had with them. 

Favorite line: “’Cause I was half myself without you and now I feel so complete and I can’t even remember what made me lose all that sleep, I criеd a million rivers for you, but that’s over now, you’re just a strangеr I know everything about.” This line hit me right in the heart because I know what it’s like to no longer think or feel sadness for a person who meant so much to me. My rating: 10/10 

Track 5: So American 

This song is about Olivia Rodrigo’s British boyfriend, Louis Partridge. This song is upbeat, feel-good, and a great description of young love. This song is super cute, and I love it. My rating 10/10.

Overall, Guts is an amazing album with different vibes for each song. Olivia Rodrigo is extremely talented and can’t write a bad song.

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