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Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

With the film club, there are movie days in which everyone decides on a movie to watch with a voting system, and then there are film days. Film days are when different members of the film club suggest their ideas to film with the rest of the members and make their vision come to life by being able to director!

March 21st, 2024, was the third filming day of the semester, and the film idea that got the most votes was, Female Rage by student Nevaeh Lopez. I interviewed Nevaeh and asked her a few questions before we started filming her movie. 

The first question I asked Nevaeh was what made her think of the idea of the movie, “I thought about how in the film industry they are always showing female rage in the media especially as of recently, and I wanted to show a more realistic aspect of how women show their rage, and how angry they should be.” I then asked Nevaeh why portraying female rage is important to her, “It’s because I know a lot of times that we as women have societal standards put on us to not be angry or rageful. We are always taught to keep our mouths shut and be calm cool and collected. And if we show even the slightest bit of anger, we are seen as crazy, ‘doing too much’, or overreacting. And I just really wanted to show that women can be angry, and should be angry.” The last question I asked Nevaeh was how she felt about her movie idea being picked, “I was really excited because this is my first time directing a film, and I have always wanted to direct a short film so finally being able to do that, it made me feel like I was fulfilling my dream of being a director.” 

During the filming process, Nevaeh first stood in front of the theater, assigning roles to different members of the group. Nevaeh stated she had three scenes she had written a script for that are three different depictions of female rage. In one scene she wanted a woman to be talked over in class by a man, in another scene she wanted men to be saying awful things about women, and in the next scene she wanted a man objectifying a woman. All these three scenes end with the women screaming at the men saying what they are doing is wrong, but then immediately cuts back to the reality of the situation in which the women don’t say anything and just stand by awkwardly. This is to represent how women always feel they need to be quiet, even when they are angry. 

When we started filming, it was fun. Everyone always loves the film days because everyone gets to talk to one another and get to know each other on another level and have fun while filming. People usually implement their suggestions to the directors as well and nobody is ever left out in the filming process. Everyone has a role, they can be either an actor, a cameraperson, or a director.

Filming days are super fun and they happen every other Thursday at 6:00 pm at the Red Dragon Theater! Short Films done by the Oneonta Film Club can be found at

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