Eternal Sunshine Album Review


Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

Ariana Grande released her new album, Eternal Sunshine. This album’s title and overall theme are based on the 2004 film starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This album is about heartbreak, wanting to forget the past, and new beginnings after a relationship ends.

This album has 13 tracks and you can listen to it in about 35 minutes. Ariana Grande, herself did not even expect to release an album in 2024 due to her starring in the new Wicked film that will be coming out later this year. Yet, plans changed and she got into the studio in early 2023 and started writing Eternal Sunshine. I will be going track by track discussing my thoughts and ratings on each song.

Track 1: Intro (end of the world)

This beginning track was a great way to begin the album with the melancholy undertones and the contemplation if it was the right decision to end the relationship. It sets the tone of the album with Ariana Grande overthinking if the relationship she is in is even worth salvaging, and if she even wants it to grow. My rating: 8/10

Track 2: Bye

In this track, Ariana Grande is saying “goodbye” to a relationship that did not align with her anymore. Even though she has bittersweet feelings about the relationship ending, she knows it is for the best. The upbeatness of the song almost makes me believe she is trying to convince herself everything is going to be alright. My rating: 9/10

Track 3: Don’t Wanna Break Up Again

In this track, she talks about how breaking up with her partner is the best thing for both of them, but she can’t handle another heartbreak due to her co-dependency issues. This song feels like she wants to salvage the relationship but she knows it isn’t a good idea. My rating: 9/10

Track 4: Saturn Returns Interlude

In this track, it’s not a song but a transition into the next song “Eternal Sunshine.’ This interlude is spoken by astrologist, Diana Garland, who talks about Saturn’s returns and how it only comes 29.5 years. The meaning of this interlude relies on growing up and maturing into oneself. My Rating: 8/10

Track 5: Eternal Sunshine

This track is about reliving a bad relationship and wanting to forget it, referencing the film Eternal Sunshine and Spotless Mind. It’s very catchy and has a unique beat to it. It is one of my favorites of the album. Rating: 10/10

Track 6: Supernatural

This track is the most provocative song in her album, it isn’t my favorite which surprised me because I usually love RnB music and this had a lot of hints of RnB. This is also the song I related to the least and thought her other songs were just more powerful. My Rating: 6/10

Track 7: True Story

I thought this song was about the rumors that were being spread about her being a “homewrecker” and supposedly cheating on her ex-husband Dalton Gomez. Yet, Ariana came out and told Zane Lowe in an interview that True Story is “an untrue story based on all untrue events. I enjoyed the lyrics, and the beat of the song. My Rating: 8/10

Track 8: That Boy Is Mine

This song is another favorite of mine off the album. I love the beat and the rhythm of this song. It just makes me want to get on the dance floor and bust a move if I am being completely honest. My Rating: 10/10

Track 9: Yes, and?

This song debuted as a single and was the first track released before the entire album came out. This song is catchy and danceable, and I hear it every time I set foot into Walmart. However, it isn’t my favorite song on the album and I feel like it is missing an ingredient of some sort. My Rating: 7/10

Track 10: We Can’t Be Friends (wait for your love)

We did it, folks, we have gotten to my ultimate favorite song on the album. The melancholy feel of this song and the theme of knowing you are officially done with your partner, and you know there is no way you can salvage it and cannot be friends with them because it hurts too much. Very catchy, very sad. My Rating: 11/10

Overall, Ariana Grande’s album was catchy, heartbreaking, and overwhelmingly truthful. My overall rating of the album is 8/10.

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