Film Club Movie Night: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

Every other Thursday night, the Film Club presents a movie of the club’s choice to watch and decipher. This Thursday night it was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The film was released in 2004 and stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. This is one of Jim Carrey’s more serious roles in the film industry, proving he has a wide range of characters he could play. Kate Winslet was more known as the ‘period piece girl’ due to being in Sense and Sensibility and Titanic, her role as Clementine was more chaotic and impulsive which proves she also has a wide range of characters she could play. 

I was recommended this movie countless times and I was told by different people that I would cry by the end. My expectations going in were very high because every person who has suggested this film to me has said it was incredible and I wanted to see it for myself. I genuinely was afraid I was going to be sobbing in front of thirty people I barely knew because of how sad and emotional people made this movie out to be. I was also told everyone should watch this movie at least once in their life.

I loved this movie. I felt like it depicted real-life relationships and showed that all relationships aren’t sunshine and rainbows you get into fights and arguments and you might even break up, but I also feel like this movie showed the worst possible way to deal with an argument. When you argue with your partner, you hate them at times because of certain things they said or did and just want to erase them from your brain. But this movie showed that erasing them from your brain isn’t what you need, learning from past relationships and learning from what you did and what your partner did is what’s important. The fact that Joel and Clementine decided to be together regardless of knowing that it won’t end well is powerful to me. You want to forget a person, but in reality, they will still forever be in your mind. I do recommend this movie, and I agree everyone needs to see this at least once in their lives. Do I think it’s the most heartwrenching sob-worthy movie? No. Will I watch this again? Probably not, because this is one of those movies you watch once and let it sit with you for a while. 

So, my ending remarks. The feelings I felt at the end of the movie. I would like everyone to know, I did not sob, I did not even shed a tear. I see why people would cry in this movie but I didn’t, but also I am the same girl that cried to Ramona and Beezsus so what do I know about real emotions? 

My final thoughts: 9/10 stars. All of the actors in the movie did an amazing performance, and I genuinely loved the casting for all of the characters! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I hope you don’t sob.

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