Emotional Ties: A Solo Exhibition

SUNY Oneonta

Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

In the Fine Arts building in the solo exhibition room on display was Chrisine Schmitt’s work called Emotional Ties. The exhibition is one of beauty, meaning, and creativity. Her display featured sculptures, wall art, and photos of models wearing clothes she made with yarn. She crocheted the whole display. In the room stood several sculptures with names that are emotions a person can feel such as Frustrationand Confidence. The ceiling had strings of yarn going in every direction and many colors. The photos contained models wearing various articles of crocheted clothing and in different poses. Her wall art was various crocheted patterns and decals suspended from the ceiling. 

The skills she has with crocheting are impressive with the almost life-size sculptures she made. Her sculpture entitled Frustrationwas made with various shades of red yarn and gray yarn. The body was made to appear as if it was frustrated hence the name and punching a wall. The gray yarn was incorporated into the project by appearing as cracks on the wall and all over the sculpture. The shades of red were seen in patches as the body of the sculpture. One of her other sculptures was titled Sadnessand was made of blue yarn to represent the feeling of sadness. The exhibition itself was well crafted and you can see the passion the artist has in her work that she had displayed. Her work being chosen for the solo exhibition was well deserved and you can tell she worked incredibly hard for it. What made the exhibition was the various ways she used the medium of yarn and crochet to create art. The lack of restraining herself to one way of using her chosen medium shows how versatile art is. Everywhere you look in the exhibition is a new way of using crochet and what you can do with it. The feelings and visions she brought to life are incredible. 

Not only did she crochet sculptures but she crocheted more than one. Each sculpture was a decent size and took a lot of time to create. On top of the sculptures, there was clothing and scenes hung from the ceiling in the room. These pieces also showcase the time and dedication she puts into each piece she makes and the attention to detail she includes as well. Christine Schmitt is very talented when it comes to crochet and what she does with it. Their dedication to perfecting her craft brought her to a solo exhibition and showcased her talent with her fellow students. She’s a senior here and leaving SUNY Oneonta on a high note with a solo exhibition and getting to see her work displayed for all to see. Her exhibition is unique and refreshing because you don’t see crocheted art displayed in museums all that often and it brings new ideas and artistic concepts to life. Christine Schmitt brought talent, dedication to her craft, and something new to the solo exhibition room in the SUNY Oneonta Fine Arts building.

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