Dua Lipa: A Name To Look Forward To This Year


Aaron Giboyeaux, Contributing Writer

Dua Lipa, the 28-year-old London-born songstress of Albanian descent, is gearing up for her new red-headed era as she is officially one of the names to watch out for in 2024. 

This year is set to be a big year for music with new albums being announced to be released left and right. The three-time GRAMMY winner already has a list of accolades underneath her belt and was one of the artists that skyrocketed high into pop music stardom with her sophomore album Future Nostalgia, released in 2020, being a pandemic blockbuster hit. She has taken the last year to spend time with her family and friends and as seen on her instagram feed she has also done her fair share of traveling. Even when allowing herself time to relax, she still made it so the audience would not forget her by releasing the GRAMMY-nominated single Dance the Night which grabbed the attention of many due to this song being in the Barbie movie. It was at the end of last year that Dua Lipa officially let her fans know that she was ushering in a new era of red hair with the release of her first single, Houdini. Following this first taste of her new era, Dua Lipa would go on to open for the 2024 GRAMMYS show with a performance that debuted her second single, Training Season, as she prepares for her third album to be released in 2024, which has yet to be formally named but dubbed DL3 by the fans. 

What we know about DL3 right now is only what Dua Lipa wants us to know, including that the actual title of the album is a psychedelic-pop-infused tribute to the U.K. rave culture. She’s announced that her third album will have 11 tracks on it and is going to be another pop album. She has also stated that for this album she took inspiration from British Club Culture and has also stated that the lyrics we will hear are inspired by her nights out with her friends and just British nightlife in general. Thus deeming this a ‘more personal’ album. This could be one of her most successful pieces considering that some critics believe they have not cracked the surface of who she is. This may be due to the famous artist keeping her personal life and her life of fame things that do not cross paths as much. In an interview, Dua even stated that she just likes to live her life, post her photo dumps, write her music, and dip. Because of this she has received backlash from the way she does things but she has also stated that she is not interested in drama or being controversial hence why she does not try and do things to get a reaction and simply just wants to entertain and perform for her fans, hence remaining unproblematic throughout most of her career. 

Dua Lipa has not strayed away from pop music and continues to come out with music that captures the energy that makes you want to get up and dance straight away. This songstress has used the years between the release of her sophomore album to her third album to self-grow and focus on herself. This time she also used to focus on her worth, deciding what she deserves, learning what is good for her while ultimately learning when to step away from a situation whether it’s a good or bad thing. 

Dua Lipa is back and redder than ever. She is ready to climb the rankings of pop stardom once again as she continues to build up the anticipation for her third album until she ultimately releases it. Thus continuing to build off of the momentum that she has already created for herself.

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