Minors Are Banned From Brooklyn Atlantic Terminal Mall

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Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

A new policy invoked by Atlantic Terminal Mall states minors are not allowed in without a parent or guardian. This new rule did not surprise many shoppers due to an increase in disruptive behavior in retail stores including Target, Ulta, and Sephora. The Target store in the mall had a policy exactly like this one. Except this new policy goes for the whole mall, not just one store.

It began at the phenomenon retail store known as Sephora, which became the hotspot for ten-year-olds, as seen on social media. What’s captured social media’s and the public’s eye is these ten-year-olds entering Sephora where they’re seen either shopping or destroying Sephora products. In the past they destroyed testers, forcing stores to remove the testers. Now the kids are seen opening and destroying sealed products meant for shoppers to buy. These kids also go for retinol creams and other products which are too young for them. 

The reactions to this new policy are mixed. Some like the new policy while others, who are minors, aren’t too thrilled. ABC 7 News interviewed shoppers about the new policy.‘‘There’s a lot of fighting with no guidance or any adult guidance, or anything like that. So a lot has changed since I was coming up,’’ said Tara Thomas, who agrees with the policy. ‘‘It’s not fair,’’ said Kayla, who falls under the required age limit of the new policy on ABC 7 News. ‘‘What if I want to just go and shop, not do nothing wrong, and I can’t go in because I’m not 18.’’ The Brooklyn Borough President wants shoppers to have a safe welcoming space when they shop. It’s not the mall that should take the blame for needing a new policy, but the kids who made it necessary. 

The policy was enforced earlier due to an increase in rowdy activity. Some news outlets have sided with the teens, painting the policy as horrific. While other news outlets paint it as a saving grace allowing shoppers ages eighteen and up to have a less overwhelming shopping experience. 

The Brooklyn Atlantic Terminal Mall isn’t the only mall to have a policy. The Brooklyn Kings Plaza Mall had to enforce a similar policy after a group of teens were causing chaos. They were running, screaming, roughhousing, and allegedly shoplifting at the mall before being subdued by security. According to the Gothamist, someone posted about putting the mall “on tilt” and the teens breaking items in stores and in shoppers’ bags. Multiple fights broke out as well.  

Despite this, teenagers believe this policy to be unfair. But at the end of the day, the safety of shoppers and employees is more important than teenagers being able to potentially cause chaos in their wake.

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