Yoga Classes at SUNY Oneonta

Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

This past week, yoga classes were brought back to SUNY Oneonta. There are two sessions one could go to. There’s a session at seven a.m on Tuesday mornings for morning people and a session on Wednesday afternoons at four p.m for those of us who aren’t awake enough at seven a.m for yoga. Both sessions take place in the Alumni Field House dance studio. 

If you don’t have a yoga mat here at school but are interested in doing yoga they have extra mats you can use during the classes. Don’t worry about walking in without a mat while everyone else has one. The studio was filled with students and faculty enjoying the class. 

The session was a very peaceful and calming experience and worked as a great reset for the middle of what was shaping up to be a busy break. After running around all day it was nice to get to relax and take a well deserved break before doing even more work. The instructor, Alyx, is very passionate about yoga and shares that passion with the attendees. The sessions are open to both faculty and students at SUNY Oneonta. 

There were a handful of faculty members present in the last session but the bulk of the students in the studio were made up of college students. At the start of the class, Alyx introduced herself and gave a brief overview of what would be happening during the class. That sort of thing is great for people who like to know what’s coming. 

She kept the poses easy for those of us who aren’t super experienced at yoga. The class was split in half. Half of the class was spent doing a yoga flow and the other half was spent meditating and grounding yourself. A yoga flow is a series of yoga poses the flow between one another. One of the flows we had done was a child’s pose, transitioning to cobra, finally to downward dog. With a flow you add on another pose each time you go through the previous poses for each side of the body. 

In terms of the atmosphere the lights in the studio were off and the only light was natural light from the windows. Alyx had nice relaxing and calming music playing and the room was silent save for the music and everybody breathing deeply as instructed. The best part of the sessions is that they are free of charge and all you need to enter is your CORQ app event pass. 

Going to yoga is a great excuse to get out of your dorm or apartment or to go to a campus event that is laid back. It’s also a great thing to do with friends who aren’t super talkative but still want to go out because there is no talking during the session. So, if this sounded like something you would enjoy then come to one of the sessions next week and experience for yourself how enjoyable yoga can be!

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