Donald Trump Ruled And Owes Over $350M In New York Civil Fraud Trial


Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

It’s become no secret that former president Donald Trump has found himself in heaps of legal troubles. Recently at his New York City Fraud Trial, the judge ruled that Trump owes $350 million dollars and a business ban. This ruling comes on the heels of a lengthy civil trial where Trump, his sons, and Allen Weisselberg, his former CFO of the Trump Organization, have been accused of financial fraud. Which could set things back for him, including becoming our president again in November 2024. 

According to the Washington Post, Trump has been banned from acting as an officer or director for any New York company for three years. Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. have both been ordered to pay four million dollars each, while Weisselberg has been ordered to pay one million dollars. Unless Trump denies any wrongdoings and appeals to the decision this won’t be treated as a federal court case. Trump spoke to the press after this ruling was made and characterized the decision as election interference from the Democrats.  

What led to this decision was eleven weeks of trial and testimony in which Trump and his sons testified. According to ABC 7 News, the judge noted in his decision that Trump would answer questions, but he would interject speeches that went beyond the scope of the trial. This worked against him and undermined his credibility. Back in January 2023, Trump’s company was caught in a fifteen year tax fraud scheme via evading taxes. According to NBC News, Weisselberg received a $1.76 million dollar covered up as indirect employee compensation. That money came in the form of paying rent, a free apartment, expensive cars, his grandchildren’s private school tuition, and new furniture. Other employees received bonuses as independent contractors so the company could save money. 

The judge mentioned in his decision that not once during the trial did Trump admit to it or show remorse for his actions. Instead blaming the Democrats for coming after him while he’s trying to focus on his presidential campaign. The truly astounding part is the fact that his sons and a former employee are going down with him. As previously stated, two of Trump’s sons owe a few million each because of the money and tax schemes. Never has Trump’s family been included, let alone involved, in any of his previous legal troubles since his presidency.  

As a result of the ruling, Trump’s business will be under a court microscope to prevent this from happening again. And that’s not all, the amount of interest on fines is set to increase everyday when they go unpaid. Leaving Trump with little to no choice but to pay the fines before it’s too late.

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