Women’s Basketball Wins Against SUNY Geneseo 

SUNY Oneonta Athletics

Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

On February 2nd, SUNY Oneonta’s women’s basketball team played against SUNY Geneseo in their SUNYAC match up. This is the second time The Red Dragons and the Knights face off, their last encounter ended in a 50-63 loss on the road. On this go around, Oneonta is striving for a win against the familiar competition. The Red Dragons were able to secure a win, but it was no easy task. At times the game was intense and very close in score. Both teams played well, but in almost every sport someone has to win. 

SUNY Geneseo was the first team to put points on the board with a rather satisfying three point basket. During the first quarter both teams ended up tied in score but Geneseo was able to pull ahead by the end of quarter one. The score was 15-16. At the start of quarter two Oneonta secured the lead only to lose it when Geneseo took possession of the ball next. Number twelve for Oneonta, Molly Stephens, was able to steal the ball and turn it into an assist to score a basket. 

The Oneonta defense seemed to be weak in the first quarter but it got stronger as time went on. At half time Oneonta was in the lead with a score of 28-23. The game showed aggressive competition and a drive to win. On multiple occasions, players ended up on the ground tugging with the ball to gain possession. There were also several timeouts called by both teams in an effort to slow down the play and discuss strategy moving forward in the match. This dedication and grit between the teams resulted in an intense first half of the game.

Oneonta yet again scored early on in the third quarter. With this constant battle between the Red Dragons and the Knights the score was never too far apart. Both teams tied again midway through the third quarter. Oneonta gained possession of the ball when Geneseo smacked the ball out of bounds in an attempt to steal the ball. Geneseo got ahead again, but Oneonta scored before the end of the third quarter with a beautiful three point basket. Quarter three ended with a Geneseo lead and a score of 41-44. 

Some of the more notable moments of quarter four were the staggering number of free throws and fouls. Oneonta was able to get the upper hand through these free throws and baskets. Most of the fouls that were called against Geneseo happened during quarter four and resulted in multiple free throws. Oneonta won the game with a score of 59-55.

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