Kansas City VS. San Francisco, What To Expect From Super Bowl LVIII 


Riley Peru, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl teams have been set into stone after the San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 34-31 on January 28th. With this win, the 49ers will meet the Kansas City Chiefs in a familiar Super Bowl final. Back in 2019, these two teams met at the final stage. In the end, the 49ers fell to the Chiefs, and QB Patrick Mahoms was named MVP. This matchup will be the first time the 49ers make a Super Bowl appearance since the 2019 game, while the Chiefs are looking to gain the first back-to-back Super Bowl titles of any NFL team since 2003! It was last achieved by the New England Patriots, led by QB Tom Brady.

Both teams had impressive seasons; the 49ers went 12-5. From November 12 through December 25, the 49ers went on a six-game winning streak until their defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. San Francisco led the NFC West in total points and win percentage. Some major names to look out for going into the final game of the 2023–2024 season would be Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, and Fred Warner. Brock Purdy is the starting quarterback, and going into the postseason, he had 4,280 passing yards and 31 touchdowns.

During the postseason, Purdy added an additional 519 passing yards and two touchdowns. Christian McMaffrey is a running back who has 1,459 rushing yards and fourteen touchdowns. Following the regular season, he added an additional 188 rushing yards and four touchdowns. Fred Warner is a linebacker who had 132 tackles and 4 interceptions. He added 20 touchdowns in the postseason.

The Chiefs also had an impressive season. They went 11-6, leading their respective AFC West conference in win percentage and total points scored in both the regular and postseason. Kansas City is bringing some major names to this Super Bowl, including Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Isiah Pacheco. Patrick Mahomes has made a name for himself in the NFL, having 4,183 passing yards and twenty-seven touchdowns in the regular season alone.

Mahomes racked up another 718 passing yards and four touchdowns. Travis Kelce is a tight end who had 984 receiving yards and five touchdowns. In the postseason, he gets an additional 262 yards and three touchdowns. Isaiah Pacheco is a running back who had 935 rushing yards and seven touchdowns. Later on, he gained another 254 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

With stats like these, it can only be assumed that the matchup will be a very well-anticipated match. The 49ers are seeking redemption after falling short in 2019, while the Chiefs look to become the ninth team to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles. Mahomes and Purdy will bring their teams to Las Vegas to compete on February 11th at 6:30 p.m. The event will be streamed on CBS and Nickelodeon. It will also be streaming on Paramount+ with exclusive content. This will be the first time the Super Bowl is live streamed on a streaming platform.

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