Tuesday Trivia Night

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Mary Bionde, Staff Writer

Every Tuesday night in the Red Dragon Theatre located at Hunt Union, the Activities Council hosts a Trivia Night, a night full of fierce competition to play games and win a prize. Last Tuesday, Oct. 17, was its most competitive one yet. 

Throughout the years, Tuesday Trivia Night had gone from being just another campus event to being one of the most popular recurring game nights for Oneonta students. Their past games have popular themes surrounding Dungeons and Dragons, geology, math, music, celebrities, animals, and sports. Now, Tuesday Trivia Night has a new plan to shake things up this semester. Students have packed the Red Dragon Theatre each Trivia Night, eager to participate in the games. Last Tuesday’s game categories consisted of eight subjects about anatomy, general knowledge, “SpongeBob”, and more. 

This particular game brought a different level of competitiveness. It was revealed to the students that the winners of that night would get to pick a category for next week’s Trivia Night. An opportunity no player wants to pass up, as the Trivia Night’s categories are never the same. The atmosphere was energetic but also carefree, something every student wants to feel at the end of the day. Even when things were getting slow, the hosts also brought their own energy to the night, getting groups to chant questions out loud and applaud the winners of the games. One of its most notable category topics of that night surrounded license plates. In that category, you had to correctly guess what state the license plate is from. Another notable category surrounded Greek Mythology and the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs.  

For college kids, Tuesday night should not just be another ordinary night if Trivia Night is around. The Activities Council has offered students a chance to take a break away from their desks and come out for a night of fun. It’s become a time in the week where you can keep your mind off of the stress of work and become closer with your friends over an exciting campus event. Trivia Night reignites student’s spirits to make it worth going to. It also evokes a certain curiosity into the subject categories. The games can be seen as tests that can help students practice their knowledge on a particular subject outside of the classroom. Without knowing it, Trivia Night helps students study and memorize important information. Even if they don’t win, they walk away knowing something resourceful. 

Overall, Trivia Night offers the perfect competitive and energetic games you’re looking for. The Activities Council will host another Trivia Night next Tuesday. So if you haven’t gone before and you’re curious, come down to Hunt Union and make a night out of it with your friends. For more information on the Activities Council or Tuesday Trivia Night go to Campus Connections or simply follow their events on the Corq app. Now, go have some fun and maybe win a prize while you’re at it!

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