Fright Fest

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Mary Bionde, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, Oct. 21, the Activities Council put together a trip to Fright Fest at Six Flags in Lake George, New York. It was an event planned in advance to allow students the time to purchase a ticket of transportation and for the Six Flags rides available. This October, Six Flags is embracing the haunting spirits of Halloween at their newly-decorated theme park.   

When arriving at the park, we were struck with unfortunate news. The park would be closing early due to inclement weather, which meant students couldn’t go through the haunted houses they’d previously bought tickets for. Some of the rides even began to close when word spread about rain. The park issued a ten dollar refund for tickets, but some students found it to be unfair considering they had paid more in purchasing a ticket for their transportation. 

Despite this situation, Six Flags went all out with some of the decorations they had at the park. The decor included a graveyard of rides with old ride carts and webs, creepy animatronic organists, fog machines by the Sky Ride, and closed down Hurricane Harbor to turn it into a horrorland inhabited by skeletons and spider webs. As someone who had never been to Fright Fest, seeing Six Flags decorated for Halloween was ultimately a cool experience. Some of the adrenaline rush rides were still going. My group could see the riders screaming off of the riders and enjoying the thrill. Aside from the ride, there were some notable games that became a trip favorite such as the Halloween-themed claw machines. 

As time went on the rain as predicted arrived, leaving us by the end of our time at Six Flags a bit cold, wet, and ready to go home. But most of the students were happy to have gone even if their trip had been brief. 

On the bus ride home, the Activities Council provided snacks and drinks to students. A few of the students who went even left with prizes and souvenirs from our day at Six Flags. On the ride back to campus, students kept talking about their time at the park and how much they enjoyed it there. 

Overall, the trip was fun and another good countdown to Halloween. It was upsetting for some that we didn’t get to enjoy the full experience of Fright Fest but students managed to have fun before the weather got bad. Once everyone was back on campus, students sent numerous messages out in the Group Chat created on GroupMe. Students expressed their gratitude for a fun time they had at Six Flags to the organizers of the event. They also expressed appreciation for the time, energy, and work put into organizing the event. Students even thanked the bus driver for the drive after arriving back to campus. The Fright Fest is a trip I would gladly go on again. Next year go on the trip, have some fun, and get frightened!

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